Off to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Last last Friday (8th Feb) my childhood friend Stephanie and I stayed over at The Star for a few days and we decided to go out for High Tea. We actually planned to go out wearing the Lolita fashion and so we bought the dress beforehand as Steph was in America during January. 
We headed off to Westin Hotel for their afternoon tea high tea sets. We picked the Mad Hatter Tea party set since we did have an Alice in Wonderland vibe. Their afternoon tea starts at 12noon-6pm and reservations are essential! With our Mad Tea Party high tea set ($45/person) we got to have bottomless cups of coffee and tea, meaning we could order every single tea and coffee from the menu (this is what the guy serving us said!). 
Silver needle & lychee tea
Our high tea set came! It was set on a two tier, with both savory and sweet foods. Of course we ate the savory first.  
The savory level had salad (The Caterpillar), Crab meat sandwich Alice) and two of the roast beef w/asparagus (Tweedledee & Tweedledum).
The sweet level had a rich chocolate cake (Mad Hatter's hat), blueberry macaroon (White Rabbit's pocket watch) and raspberry cake (Queen of Hearts).

Of course when you think of high tea you cannot miss out on the scones! They came out later when we asked for them since they will get cold and hard if we got them out of the oven earlier together with the high tea set. They had the traditional strawberry and cream but they also gave us their raspberry jam too. I prefer the traditional strawberry jam better though. 
So after spending quality time with my dear childhood friend there enjoying all the tea's we could consume we headed out for some shopping around the city! 
Overall Mad Hatter's high tea experience was really nice and fun since we dressed up for it, but the food i will say wasn't super amazing or anything. I would prefer The Tea Room's high tea as their food is quite lovely and a major big bonus goes to the glassware they use! They use my favorite brand Royal Albert's traditional country rose which makes everything look so much more prettier and cuter! Next time Lolita high tea at The Tea Room!

If any of you guys are interested in the lolita dresses we are wearing, we are selling them off since we have eye's for another lolita dress for our next adventures! Of course we will be selling them cheaper than what we got it for since they are now considered second-hand for you guys, but they are both in PERFECT, BRAND NEW-LIKE conditions! If you are interested just drop me an e-mail at
" "
We are selling these TWO lovely dresses!! 
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