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Hello there everyone! I've been away staying at The Star for the past 2 weeks (coming and going) so i haven't had time to blog properly but i'm finally getting my February blog entries up now! I'm back with my first colour contact review of the year, which i wore on the Tuesday as i went high tea-iing with my dear friend, Stephanie.
A lot of you guys will realize i do not take many photo's of me wearing contact lenses, truth is i just had this huge fear of them the whole of last year or to be exact ever since my last trip to Hong Kong, due to the fake contacts controversy. So i've been slowly trying to break down that wall of fear where i wore contacts for a few hours but on the Tuesday i was able to wear them the whole day without feeling scared of them anymore! So there will be many more colour contact reviews to come this year!!
I started off this year with a pair of GEO's tri-tone in grey. I really love GEO's tri-tone series as they give they are the most natural-looking for a daily basis. 
GEO Tri-tone Grey Ratings:

Comfort: ★★ 
GEO tri-tone's seem to be the thinnest colour lenses that i've tried on so far and i love them!

Colour: ★
The colour is super natural looking and it doesn't look very fake and weird at all! But if you are after a more dolly-effect then there are many other brands and designs that could be better.

Enlargement: ★★★★
These are 14.0mm which sound small but since i'm slowly breaking my wall of fear these are the perfect size for me to get back into them. Also if you are new to wearing colour contacts it is best to start off with a smaller diameter so your eyes can get use to them slowly.

Overall: ★★★★
Highly recommend these contacts if you want something on the natural side and they are super comfortable to wear as they are quite thin. These lenses give my eyes a mysterious dolly-glow. Super love!

I shall be blogging about the High Tea session with my friend soon! On another note tomorrow is Chinese New Years Eve!! Those who celebrate it, how will you be spending your Chinese New Years Eve? I will be having dinner at my auntie's place and it's been a very long time since we have done so. We use to go to her place every year since my earliest childhood memory but we stopped going (i think when i was in high school), which i found quite saddening, but now that we will be spending our CNY Eve there this year makes me really excited to see my cousins and old friend again!! And hopefully receive many RED POCKETS!!!!!!! 
I shall try and vlog while i'm there! 
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