Summer day at O-week (≧∇≦)/

Stephanie & I just being US!
Who went out today?? I did because it just so happens to be O-week for a few uni's,(such as UNSW, , USYD, UTS MACQ, etc.). I actually had an appointment with my dear friend Stephanie as i would be her personal tour guide to all the things she must get done before uni starts! O-week, meaning orientation week is full of fun and entertainment, also chances to meet new friends on the spot and of course, to get to know your uni better! I  was actually running a bit late since i was helping my mum in the morning but we didn't miss anything amazing, thank goodness! As we were passing by the commonwealth bank booth, i think a first year? girl was super excited as she asked if i was "that" blogger and i was like yes i am! If you're reading this now i regret not getting your name and a photo with you!!! I loved your reaction and thanks for reading my blog, hope you keep supporting and i shall hopefully see you around uni again sometime. 
So first off we started to get the important stuff done first such as getting my Stephanie's uni ID whereas i had to renew mine, getting a dairy & academic calender from ARC, because it keeps me much more organised! then after that it was time to grab all the freebies possible, play as many games and lucky draws we could find! I have a whole bag of stuff which half of them i don't remember grabbing. We also went into the photo booths too, jammed to the music and being a nice friend, i helped out with my friend society group promotions where we went around handing out flyers~ Did you catch me?
within the crowd!
finally got out~
I think my favorite freebie would definitely have to be the red glasses i got from the ACCSOC. guys Thankyou i love them haha! I was definitely not expecting the weather to be so hot since it did say cloudy/possible showers....thank goodness i went with shorts today otherwise i would have melted wearing jeans!
Jurassic Park jumping castle!
yes i went on it!!
i feel like a kid again!! woohoo!!
made them myself!!!!
Okay so for all those who are now interested in o-week, why go to o-week?
Well first of all there is the FREEBIES! free drinks, snacks, FOOD, prizes, gifts, coupons, vouchers, etc. everywhere you go! 
There's tonne of games and entertainment to be found and most of the society groups are working hard to get your attention to join their groups as it will bring many new friends, fun and laughter. So basically you can make new friends instantly through those bonds, especially if you joined the tour guides, they will be very helpful. If you joined your faculty's peer mentoring/support groups are even better!! I did the program when i was in first year because i thought it would be good to learn more, such as where everything is around the uni and also meeting people in the same faculty as me! Many who are now good friends of mine!
some star wars prizes~
lunch for the day
So it pretty much summed up what i did today but guess what! The fun doesn't stop there, o-week runs for the rest of the entire weekdays so definitely go visit even if you are not going to that uni or not even a uni student just yet, it'd be a great experience and the lucky draws have fabulous prizes. I witnessed someone winning the boombox at the commonwealth wheel of fortune!!! Although i didn't win any grand prize or anything i did win one thing today! I won the favorite book lucky draw where my prize was a bookshop voucher!! YES!! Better than i nothing i say because textbooks can be very expensive!! 
From my wonderful friend who brought them back from Indonesia!!
This year has been one of the best o-weeks i've ever attended so I will be going to o-week again sometime this week so see if you can catch me there! If you do see me don't be afraid to say hi or take a photo with me, i honestly don't bite and i'm happy to meet you guys too :)
Ending the post with a picture of me & my lovely red glasses 
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