Advanced Screening to The Croods ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Today i was off to watch the advanced screening of The Croods, with my friend Stephanie. I had won a family pack, from Nuffnang, meaning i could bring 3 friends, but since most of my friends had assignments to do, i was planning on bringing my mum along but she had stuff to do so it was just the two of us.
Following the people in front because i thought they would lead us to the right place...which they did...only half way though
We met up early in the city and bought some snacks before busing it to The Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park. This was my first time going there so i wasn't too sure what to expect nor how to get there. Now of course google map was my life savior as i checked everything we needed to know beforehand.
So once we got off the bus we pretty much followed a parent and child since i was sure that they wouldn't lead us into the wrong direction but we were wrong. But magically we found the place and followed the massive crowds of young families, i mean following them definitely will help us find the cinemas there.
I was simply amazed that such a busy and fun place existed here, in a middle of the park! There was a mini easter show here for the super young kids, tonnes of fast food chains, restaurants and bars and who can forget the entertainment of movies and bowling! Like woah! It's like a mini shopping centre! 
Anyways so we headed off to the cinemas and lined up, i was going to take a picture with The Croods poster billboard but since there were so many people in front of it, it would have been rude of me to ask them to move out of the way. So i decided to wait after the movie but it was no longer there!! Was super unhappy that they took it away so fast! Although, we did get free toys and being a big kiddie at heart i couldn't decided which one i wanted and so they said i could get all of them if i really wanted too, since they had so many to giveaway. So in the end i got all four figurines. 

The Croods was a very fun and colourful movie! There were so many cute and creative animals and the Crood family were just a fun bunch to watch. The cinemas was filled with many young families so there were tonnes of kids cheering and laughing! Definitely a great movie to bring your younger siblings, cousins and family. Everyone will be able to enjoy this movie. 
Stephanie & I, just luvo-ing inside the bathroom
one last piccy in the bathroom
MIRROR CRAZE! This one made us looked taller!
After a wonderful day at The Entertainment Quarter, Stephanie and I headed back to the city for some lunch. We ended up going to Westfield and snacked on Charlie&Co.'s parmesan & truffle chips and did some window shopping along the way. We also got some fairy floss too!!
Fairy floss man

I had a wonderful day out in the sun and heat! Thankyou Nuffnang for always bringing us great movies to watch and here i'm just going to end my post with a picture of my fashion of the day picture & me and my new friend. See you guys in my next post then! Need that extra rest for a early start tomorrow morning! 

Fashion of the Day [24/03/2013]
GUCCI- Sunnies
Lovisa- Necklace & Ring
Lullabies- Top
Forgotten Princess- Dress

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