Easter Announcement & Versatile Award (・`ェ´・)つ

So Easter is coming up real soon and i decided to do a quick and simple post for today!
I'm just going to start off with my Easter Announcements, as it quite important for you guys to know. First, I will be taking a short hiatus (break) from blogging over the Easter Break. So i shall be away for about a week or so. 

Secondly, I will be renovating my blog meaning there will be a possibility with new blog link, name, etc. and of course i will let you guys know when these changes will be happening so don't freak out just yet! It is also unclear when i'll get all the materials ready for this renovation and I shall be doing most of the work during my Easter Break (doesn't really seem like i'm taking a hiatus from my blogging life haha). Okay moving onto the topic of this blog entry today1

I was nominated by the lovely Trang for the Versatile Award.
What? ME~ :D
So the rules to being nominated for this award are really simple and anyone can join! 
- Thank the person who gave you the award.
- Include a link to their blog.
- Select bloggers that you've recently discovered/followed regularly.
- Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Award.
- Tell the person that nominated you, 7 things about yourself.

So here are 7 facts about me.
#1. I love my daily dose of ANIME! 
#2. I'm an ABC (Aussie born Chinese-Canto [HK])
#3. I have so many pairs of shoes that half i haven't even worn once yet ==" Bad habits die hard!
#4. I'm a foodie!! I love to hunt down places for great food!!!
#5. I wish mosquito's suck fat and not blood! And i also wish that i could poop out money or just grow a money tree. It's the only plant i'd take such good care of cause i can donate money to the unfortunate and also go eat more food!! MUAHAHA!
#6. I always hold my breathe when i walk past a smoker and end up looking like a stupid puffer fish
#7. Every time i take the courage to wear colour contacts again i always have nightmares about them i.e. they get stuck on my eye ball, they move to the back of my eye, i stick another pair of contacts on top of ones i already have on my eye!!! I just don't know why i keep getting this creepy dreams! UGH!

So now i tag you! If you're reading this you are now tagged! And here are a few blogger's that i'll tag in no particular order.

So hope you guys go have an awesome Easter while i take my mini break for now! I shall be back with lots of new goodies and all to share with you guys!

Happy Easter everyone!
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