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Hello everyone, i'm sorry for being a very lazy and slack blogger. Recently, uni had just started for me so it has been a bit busier than usual here in the life of Miss Sennnaa but i promise to blog more and also film more this year so you won't have to wait ages for my next post! 

Anyways moving along to the main topic of today's post! Today i will be sharing with you guys my review on the Sasatinnie's Beloved Eyeshadow Palette in 02. Floral Purple which i had use in one of my old makeup tutorial video "here".

Sasatinnie, Beloved Eyeshadow Palette, 02.Floral Purple Ratings:

Colours: ★★★
The colours are really lovely as it really shows off a more girl warm spring side when you use it. 

Formula: ★★★★☆
The colours blend really easily but i would say it's not as pigmented as i thought it'd be, which i guess is a somewhat good thing so you can build on top of the colours.  

Packaging: ★★★
A really simple and compact packaging easy to take on the go with you if you need any touch up's.

Cost: ★★★
Reasonably prices at US$17.80

Overall: ★★★
If you don't have many colourful eyeshadow palettes and which to try something new, definitely give this palette a go.

Just going to sign off with a clearer picture of what the colours look like when i used them to create this look last year.

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