Review: Sasatinnie, Color Fusion Gradation Blush, 02 Peach Orange

Another review from my Christmas/New Years love package 2012. This time i'll be reviewing on the Sasatinnie Color Fusion Gradation Blush in 02 Peach Orange.
Sasatinnie, Color Fusion Gradation Blush, 02 Peach Orange Ratings:

Colour: ★★★
A super warm coral pink shade which goes really well with all makeup looks and all skin tones too!

Formula: ★★★★
Very pigmented yet easy to blend out the colour evenly onto the face using a blush brush. It also has a bit of shimmer in it so if you're looking for a blush to give your skin an extra glow then this is great!

Packaging: ★★★★★
The packaging is a small compact design with a mirror inside making it perfect to take on-the-go for touch-up.

Cost: ★★★★★
Very cheap at only US$9!!

Overall: ★★★★
I would recommend this blush for all those who are new to makeup as it is affordable and the shade can match all skin tones!

Been super tired after my first week back to uni, already! 3 weeks until the Easter Break so woohoo!!! Shall be getting a daily makeup video up onto my channel soon!!

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