DELL x Pedestrian Coach ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

On the 28th March, Thursday,I was invited by two lovely ladies, Francesca and Lauren to attend a social event with Dell X Pedestrian Coach "Flip your thinking" held at Chauvel Cinema. The event was featuring special guest, Lord of the Memes, Ben Huh, who is the co-founder and CEO of Cheezburger Network.
Ben Huh, is a South Korean internet entrepreneur and across 50 sites, including I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL BlogThe Daily What, Know Your Meme, and Memebase he gets 375 million views a month!
It was an incredible night with lots of other social media's all on different levels, some who were even bloggers themselves. I decided to grab my mum to accompany me (since she could drive!) and she told me that she enjoyed that night too even though she was a bit lost. 
We were getting hungry so we went to the food bar to see what there was to eat and there were Burgers (vegetarian and beef) being served. In the corner there was a table with 7 cakes, waiting to be eaten. 
This goat was the greedy one!!
We headed upstairs to find some seats and to my surprise there was a mini farm happening!! Being an animal-lover i jumped right into the pen to see all the animals that were present! There were goats, sheep's, chickens, chicks, a piglet, gooses, rabbits and guinea pigs too! The rabbits were so fluffy!! 
Later into the night we headed into the theater where Ben hosted his live Q&A session with us and shared his tips and tricks on the internet. It was interesting to see how he got so far with just a simple cat picture. After the session had ended i decided to take a quick picture with Francesca and Lauren before we left. 
Thank you Francesca & Lauren! 
Now it's time for the long awaited review on the Dell XPS12, which I was kindly sponsored to write an honest review of what i thought about it. I have been using the laptop for almost 2 months now and i can simply say that i love it! 

So far I've been using this laptop for my day-today activities such as blogging, watching anime, online shopping, etc. It has made everything much more easier and quicker for me to access. 

It is incredible sleek and light perfect for student's, like myself, to carry around without the extra heavy weights. 
When the laptop is fully charged it lasts me for about 1.5 days and I’m quite heavy user.
The booting speed is very fast because of its’ solid state memory which has up to 256GB.

Its’ design is also convertible, allowing to change it from a laptop to a tablet with a simple flip-and-fold motion. It’s also touch screen! This is a huge benefit as it is more flexible. 

It is a 12.5 inch Full HD resolution screen which means it has a better resolution than an Ipad! 

On Monday, a few of my uni friends and I went for a Yukata photo shoot! We had a lovely time dressing up and being silly in front of the camera! Yesterday was ANZAC Day~ Did any of you Aussie readers do anything special with your families? I had dance practice in the morning (as the showcase is coming up tomorrow!) and enjoyed the rest of the day hanging out with my mum.
Also if you live in Sydney and love KPOP definitely come check out the KPOP Summit & Upstaged on Saturday as there will be tonnes of dancers performing Kpop & various street style dances! My friends and I will be performing so we hope to see you all there!
For more information on the KPOP Summit click HERE! & Upstaged information click HERE!
I'm wearing my friends' yukata (she's in the back ground!!)
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Filming Behind The Scenes with Wengie & Li-Su ~(=^‥^)/

The weather today was just crazy! It was pouring in the morning which made me want to stay in my toasty bed and roll around but since i was helping my friend Wengie, who is also a Sydney-based blogger, with her filming i had to face the cold! 
Once I arrived at the city the rain had stopped pouring down and the sun started to shine through. I met up with TonyLion beforehand for a quick lunch snack while waiting for Li-Su. Once Li-Su arrived we headed straight off to Darling Harbour to find Wengie so that we could start filming before the weather had any dramatic changes.

The filming didn't take long and before we knew it we were chilling with our bubble tea's, which Wengie kindly shouted all of us! Here's a short behind the scene video of today. 

Now that the Autumn and Winter weather is finally kicking in, I can finally start layering pieces of clothing's to keep me warm and fashionable! I shall end the blog entry with a picture of Wengie, Li-Su & I. 
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Cozy High Tea with Li-Su ~旦_(^O^ )

Last Friday i met Li-Su for a lovely high tea session at Tea Cozy. Of course we dressed up to take photo's while we were there, so i went with a WC Chiffon Top and some nude pink shorts. Li-Su came in a super cute dress which had a cute embroidery around the neck area and the tulle skirt made it a fun outfit to wear. 

Tea Cozy: Irish Tea Room Ratings:
The location is not entirely convenient, but super easy to find your way there. 
33 George St, The Rocks,  NSW, 2024,
Thurs & Fri 10am- 4pm
Sat & Sun 10- 5pm

Menu: ★★
They have a plain scones, flavored scones, amazing jam's, high tea sets, devonshire sets and drink menu of course. 

Cost: ★★
Their high tea set is $25/person but we had gotten an e-mail informing us about a complimentary high tea offer, with a competition which was held late last year.  

Service: ★★★★★
Amazing service, the ladies were all incredible nice and friendly. 

Overall: ★★★★☆
I highly recommend this place, especially if you love eating scones. Their scones are AMAZING!!! Keep scrolling if you want to know how!

Their cute little owl teapot cozy's
Before finding a seat and ordering i decided to check out the place to find the best spot to take photo's of our brunch session. So enjoy the photo spam of the place. 
In the end we decided to sit outside since the weather was sunny with the occasional clouds and it would have better lightning when we took photo's. 

outside seating's
So let me get started with the entire high tea review! The high tea included a range of ribbon sandwiches, scones, 2 jams of our choice & 2 drinks per person! 
Li-Su photo bombing my luvo!
Tea Cozy High Tea Menu Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
Everything was just so lovely, nothing was out of place but i wish they had offered small cake pieces into their menu's too since i love eating cakes and sweets when it come to having high tea.

It get's a four star because of the cake reason but other than that I LOVE THIS PLACE! Definitely will be taking my mummy out here on our next mother-daughter date!

As the high tea includes 2 drinks per person, we'd be having four cups of tea between the two of us. So i ordered the Red Fancy Fruit tea and Li-Su got the Madagascan Vanilla tea. 

Madagascan Vanilla & Red Fancy Fruit
Red Fancy Fruit Ratings:

Taste: ★★★★★
I really enjoyed this tea because it was fruit and sweet. It also had a lovely aroma too! Made me feel really cozy indeed!

Price: ★★★☆☆
All tea's are $4.50 per person if you order them individually! 

Overall: ★★★★☆
Highly recommend this tea to those who like the fruity sort of taste. 

Madagascan Vanilla Ratings:

Taste: ★★★★
This one had a more homey feel. I cannot exactly describe the flavor but it reminded me of drinking warm milk at night with a hint of vanilla. 

Price: ★★★☆☆
All tea's are $4.50 per person if you order them individually! 

Overall: ★★★★☆
If you're up to something unique then this is the tea to go for!

Soon after our high tea set came. The setting was three tiers where the top row had the 2 jams and thickened cream, the middle row was our ribbon sandwiches and the last were their scones! 
Our little tea session!
The first food Li-Su and I attacked were the ribbon sandwiches because we were super hungry!!! The different fillings of the sandwiches were creamy tuna, curried egg, ham & dijion and cucumber & cream cheese. 
Ribbon sandwiches
Ribbon Sandwiches Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
Me and Li-Su both agreed that the creamy tuna and the ham & dijon were the best tasting ones on the plate. But overall the sandwiches were all quite delightful to eat, especially because we were hungry.  

Then we tried the scones, jam and double thickened cream and it  was just amazing!!!!! The jams we picked were the Fig & Ginger and the Pawpaw, Lime & Passionfruit jam. 
Jam & thicken cream
Jam & Thicken Cream Ratings:

Taste: ★★★★
I loved both the jams!! They were really nice but i'm a bit bias toward the pawpaw,lime & passionfruit jam as i like a more fruity taste. The Fig and ginger jam was more paste-like so it was slight harder to spread out. But they were simply amazing on the scones!!
Freshly baked scones!
Scones Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
No wonder this place is well known for their scones!! Their scones are freshly baked out of the oven. Not only that but we left the scones to last and we entirely forgot that scones start to harden once they are left to cool for some time. Here is where their magic happens, even though the scones were not piping hot out of the oven by the time we start eating them they were still warm, soft and moist! They were the perfect scones!! So i highly recommend everyone to try their scones!!!

Oh! We didn't stop at scones because we still had our second round of drinks. We decided to replace our two individual pots and get a jar of ice green tea with strawberries. Another friend, Stephanie soon joined us and she helped us finish the scones and the ice green tea as Li-Su and I were so full!! 

Ice green tea with strawberries
Ice Green Tea with Strawberries Rating:
Taste: ★★★
It had a really refreshing taste but it was really odd so i didn't fancy it as much. 

After finishing off our food and drinks we decided to take some photo's around the shop as they had interesting things to look at. My favorite would definitely have to be the display of the teaspoon collection!
Look at all the little teaspoons!
Free jars!!! 
We also went upstairs to check it out and the room was beautifully furnished. There were also seating's outside on the veranda, where i took a snapshot of someone else's tea which they had left. 
Of course where would we be without a little luvo-ing. My lovely friend Stephanie helped us take the photo's!! 

I shall be updating the blog more often as well as working towards the renovation, so follow my blog if you want to be updated on how it goes!! I'll end today's blog post with a fashion of the day picture!
Fashion of the Day (12/04/2013)
Rubi- Shoes
Miss Sennnaa
wc- Chiffon blouse
brandless- Lace Pink Beige Shorts, Belt, Boots

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Review: Royal Vision Macaron Gray *(*´∀`*)☆

Good morning guys! Just before i dash out to uni here the latest pair of colour contacts that i wore recently. I wore these beautiful contacts out last week to a small dinner gathering with friends. So let's get begin the review
These last half a year once opened
Royal Vision Macaron Gray Ratings:

Comfort: ★★
I would say these are pretty comfortable but will dry my eyes out after about 4-5 hours of wearing them, but i always bring my eye water drop out with me so i can always hydrate my eyes again.

Colour: ★
I love the colour of these beautiful gray contacts! Natural yet very dolly with the mixture of various tones

Enlargement: ★★★★
They are only 14.5mm, but make my eye's look huge and dolly! It looks as if they are 15mm lenses. 

Overall: ★★★★
I love these lenses, they are incredible beautiful and make my eye's give it that extra sparkle for brighter eyes.

Nothing much to really update you guys this morning, so i'm just going to end the post with a another picture of me!
Shall see you guys again my next post!!!
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