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On the 28th March, Thursday,I was invited by two lovely ladies, Francesca and Lauren to attend a social event with Dell X Pedestrian Coach "Flip your thinking" held at Chauvel Cinema. The event was featuring special guest, Lord of the Memes, Ben Huh, who is the co-founder and CEO of Cheezburger Network.
Ben Huh, is a South Korean internet entrepreneur and across 50 sites, including I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL BlogThe Daily What, Know Your Meme, and Memebase he gets 375 million views a month!
It was an incredible night with lots of other social media's all on different levels, some who were even bloggers themselves. I decided to grab my mum to accompany me (since she could drive!) and she told me that she enjoyed that night too even though she was a bit lost. 
We were getting hungry so we went to the food bar to see what there was to eat and there were Burgers (vegetarian and beef) being served. In the corner there was a table with 7 cakes, waiting to be eaten. 
This goat was the greedy one!!
We headed upstairs to find some seats and to my surprise there was a mini farm happening!! Being an animal-lover i jumped right into the pen to see all the animals that were present! There were goats, sheep's, chickens, chicks, a piglet, gooses, rabbits and guinea pigs too! The rabbits were so fluffy!! 
Later into the night we headed into the theater where Ben hosted his live Q&A session with us and shared his tips and tricks on the internet. It was interesting to see how he got so far with just a simple cat picture. After the session had ended i decided to take a quick picture with Francesca and Lauren before we left. 
Thank you Francesca & Lauren! 
Now it's time for the long awaited review on the Dell XPS12, which I was kindly sponsored to write an honest review of what i thought about it. I have been using the laptop for almost 2 months now and i can simply say that i love it! 

So far I've been using this laptop for my day-today activities such as blogging, watching anime, online shopping, etc. It has made everything much more easier and quicker for me to access. 

It is incredible sleek and light perfect for student's, like myself, to carry around without the extra heavy weights. 
When the laptop is fully charged it lasts me for about 1.5 days and I’m quite heavy user.
The booting speed is very fast because of its’ solid state memory which has up to 256GB.

Its’ design is also convertible, allowing to change it from a laptop to a tablet with a simple flip-and-fold motion. It’s also touch screen! This is a huge benefit as it is more flexible. 

It is a 12.5 inch Full HD resolution screen which means it has a better resolution than an Ipad! 

On Monday, a few of my uni friends and I went for a Yukata photo shoot! We had a lovely time dressing up and being silly in front of the camera! Yesterday was ANZAC Day~ Did any of you Aussie readers do anything special with your families? I had dance practice in the morning (as the showcase is coming up tomorrow!) and enjoyed the rest of the day hanging out with my mum.
Also if you live in Sydney and love KPOP definitely come check out the KPOP Summit & Upstaged on Saturday as there will be tonnes of dancers performing Kpop & various street style dances! My friends and I will be performing so we hope to see you all there!
For more information on the KPOP Summit click HERE! & Upstaged information click HERE!
I'm wearing my friends' yukata (she's in the back ground!!)
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