Review: Catelina Geo Skin Expert Multi-Function Foundation Make Up Set

Hello everyone! I'm back from my short hiatus but the bad news is i'm sick! I caught the cold/flu yesterday and so i took the day off uni to recover but i didn't want to waste a day in bed and the amazing sunlight today, so i decided to get some reviews and photo sessions done. 
So early this year i received a parcel from and i was incredibly surprised to see it sitting on my desk when i came home from brunch with friends. I had previously written a review for a few of their other products in December last year and i was quite happy with the products. So I immediately opened the parcel to see what they had given me. Inside i found was a foundation make-up set. 
This makeup set comes with 2 foundations, a few sponges and the popular vibrating puff applicator. I have previously used one of these vibrating puff applicators by BRTC and i simply fell in love! They give the flawless finish when applying your favorite liquid or cream foundation.

As for Catelina's GEO vibrating applicator dabs at 12,000 per minute which allows both liquid and cream products to be applied across our skin evenly and flawlessly. 
Their foundation is extremely creamy and soft making it super easy to blend across the face with their vibrating applicator. The foundation is called the Multi-function Gel Foundation and i can say it is a huge improvement from their skin cover foundation
Want flawless skin??
Small & Light foundation case 
Handy & Easy to use vibrating puff applicator!

Catelina Geo Skin Expert Multi-Function Foundation Make Up Set Ratings:

Effect: ★★★
The vibrating applicator does a fantastic job, as it applies the foundation so effortlessly and flawlessly. The foundation covers up all my small blemishes and especially my dark circles (as i stayed up till 3:30am last night). 

Colour: ★★☆☆
The foundation shade i received was in shade 21. Light Beige, which was a bit lighter than my usual skin tone but it was okay. The other shade they have is in 25. Dark Beige. It can be a problem if your skin tone doesn't match the shades they have. 

Formula: ★★
The formula of the foundation is a lovely soft cream-based foundation. Once you applired to your skin it has a combination of both liquid and powder foundation which makes it so natural on my skin. 

Packaging: ★★★☆☆
The packing of the entire set is very chic. The applicator is not the best design out there but it definitely does its' job well. As for the foundation case is super light and small, easy to bring out with you if you need some touch up. As for the spare foundation i did not like how it was in a plastic casing. 

Cost: ★☆☆
The whole set cost AUD$79.95 which can be a large amount, especially if you're a student and not working. Although the price may be quite pricey, it's definitely worth the price as this works amazingly for me. Click "HERE" to purchase your own set now!

Overall: ★★★
I highly recommend this whole set as it does a wonderful job to achieve flawless porcelain doll skin. The formula of the foundation in this set is beautiful, it does not feel nor look cakey and the best part was it didn't make my skin itch one bit (read Skin Cover foundation review "here"). Love this foundation and definitely will be using it more often. 

I will be getting up a new colour contact review up here soon!! So keep watching this blog as there will be many post to come up now! But first i shall get some more rest and recover from this horrible cold! 
Get porcelain-like skin today :)
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  1. So pretty ^^ looks like a lovely foundation.

    1. Thankyou :)
      The foundation is a lovely formula giving me flawless skin!

  2. ahhh i need this in my life!!! thanks for sharing

    hope you stop by~

    1. You're welcome Jill :)
      Definitely will be stopping by your blog (doing so right now!)
      Have a lovely day sweetie~

      -Miss Sennnaa


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