Review: Royal Vision Macaron Gray *(*´∀`*)☆

Good morning guys! Just before i dash out to uni here the latest pair of colour contacts that i wore recently. I wore these beautiful contacts out last week to a small dinner gathering with friends. So let's get begin the review
These last half a year once opened
Royal Vision Macaron Gray Ratings:

Comfort: ★★
I would say these are pretty comfortable but will dry my eyes out after about 4-5 hours of wearing them, but i always bring my eye water drop out with me so i can always hydrate my eyes again.

Colour: ★
I love the colour of these beautiful gray contacts! Natural yet very dolly with the mixture of various tones

Enlargement: ★★★★
They are only 14.5mm, but make my eye's look huge and dolly! It looks as if they are 15mm lenses. 

Overall: ★★★★
I love these lenses, they are incredible beautiful and make my eye's give it that extra sparkle for brighter eyes.

Nothing much to really update you guys this morning, so i'm just going to end the post with a another picture of me!
Shall see you guys again my next post!!!
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  1. Those are really natural! I like how it has the yellow parts on the inner ring. I'm new to circle lenses, these look pretty cool ^^

    1. Yeah, it's the brown-yellow bit which makes it seem more natural :D


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