Review: Beauty Clinic Mediheal Pomegranate Ade Mask

Sorry for the bad lightning, it was starting to get dark :/
It's been two weeks since I last pampered my skin so I decided to hydrate my skin before Winter hits us tomorrow!
The Pumpkin Ade Mask is so far my favorite one but today I shall be trying out the Pomegranate Ade Mask. This mask is meant to moisturize and firm up the skin. Let's put it on!

Beauty Clinic Mediheal Pomegranate Ade Mask Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★
My face feel super hydrated and firm after using this mask. My skin looks clear and freshened up!

Mask material: ★★★★★
As you can see in the photo's above the material of the mask is cotton-based and has some unique patterns on it so that our skin can absorb the serum better.

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
Love how this one has a subtle scent of pomegranate, Mmmm~ 

Cost: ★★★★☆
This mask cost AUD$4.50, but was on a sale at BUY 1 GET 1 FREE so I got 2 mask for AUD$2.25/each, which I think is relatively cheap. 

Overall: ★★★★☆
For first-time users of facial mask I highly recommend this one and also to those who feel like their skin is starting to dry up, this will help you boost up the moisture. 

One more week of uni, but I still have my final exams to do until I'm free to film and get more blogging done! So during my slow updating process, remember to enter the 2nd Anni. Giveaway and I do check if you have followed all the rules which are required. This morning I had sent over 10 e-mail's to notify some of the contestants that they were missing some vital information required for the giveaway. Only a few had managed to follow the rules correctly, so please try and follow the rules so I don't have to send out e-mails catching up on details, THANKS!

Going to end today's post with the weekly Instagram & Fashion updates. 
On Tuesday, I woke up early to head off to the gym before meeting up with my childhood friend, Stephanie, to catch up and go shopping. It was a chilly and eerie morning as a huge fog swept across the whole of Sydney.
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
This was taken around my neighbourhood
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Lunch with Stephanie at Snag Stand
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Wouldn't it be nice if Santa did exist and these just magically appeared in my mail box
 On Wednesday, I met up with Stephanie, again, super early in the morning where we were once again welcomed by the foggy weather. We were off to Manly to check some stuff out. It was pretty creepy as we saw the ferries disappeared into the fog and soon our ferry would too. We couldn't even see the Harbour Bridge.
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Crossing the Harbour to Manly
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Amazing blue sky as we leave Manly and head back to the city
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
We got ourselves a snack before we left Manly
 On Friday, I headed out to the city with the boyfriend and we just decided to explore plaza's which are hidden in alleyways! It was a good adventure as we found a Japanese convenience store. They had all sorts of Japanese snacks and I found the Matcha (Green Tea) Kitkat's which I have been wanting to try for a super long long time! Now I understand the rave about them!! 

Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
3 of the items are peach-related
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Fashion of the Day [310513]
Cheval- Sweater
ASOS- Cross stockings
Brandless- Boots

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Gwiyomi Song + [CLOSED] Giveaway! ヽ(´▽`;)/♪

The Gwiyomi/Kwiyomi Song is sung by Hari who was inspired by a gesture from Jung Ilhoon from boy band BtoB. He simply made a series of hand movements counting numbers in a cute way. Previously I was filmed doing the Gwiyomi Song for Wengie(WATCH IT HERE) and now here’s my version! Watch till the end for the giveaway!!

It has almost been two years since I first started blogging and youtubing! Last year I completely forgot to do a giveaway celebrating the first anniversary so this year I decided to have two big prizes for 2 lucky winners! Sorry to my male readers there isn’t much for you guys but you can win them for your sisters or girlfriend.
So this year prizes will have TWO sets completely different from one another. 

First Set is completed with a casual chic “CLEAN OUT” top in pink and a pair of booties in white.
Second Set is completed with a grey winged hoodie (one size), Butter London’s nail varnish in Bluey & 5 of my favorite eye mask by Sasatinnie. 
First 5 rules of the giveaway are compulsory! But why not do them all since the rest you may do so to earn more entries for a higher chance of winning in the giveaway! I will be checking if you have done all the required rules and will disqualify any entries who have not done so! Also remember to read the terms & conditions!!
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I'm so happy to finally get another giveaway running again not to mention finally started filming again!! Hopefully in the next few weeks I shall be able to have a few more makeup tutorials up by then! I shall also get an "ASK ME" video up soon too, so if you have any wondrous question feel free to e-mail me them or comment then below!!!
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