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A few of you may have realized that I'm obsessed with anything Japan/ese-related so of course ANIME is definitely a must in my daily life! I've watched so many anime's since I was a child and the first anime's I had watched were Sailormoon, Pokemon, Digimon & Card Captor Sakura, which were all dubbed in English as they were shown on Australian TV in the morning's.  
So that's my story of how anime came into my life and since I have watched so many, the old and the new, I'm going to share and recommend the ones that I enjoy watching with you guys, weekly (hopefully!). 

This week I will be recommending Mirai Nikki未来日記,」which literally translates as "Future Diary". It started airing in Oct 2011 and ended April 2012. 
It talks about how an ordinary boy, Yukiteru Amano, becomes involved in a survival game, where his mobile phone (where he writes his diary in) is his life and the only thing to help survive in the game. He teams up with another future dairy holder, Yuno Gasai. 
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Yukiteru & Yuno
*mini SPOILER- There's always two sides to a person! 
I highly recommend this anime to those who enjoyed Death Note, but be aware there is bloody scenes so if you're 14 and under, do not watch this until you're older! You have been warned kids!!
When the anime first aired, every single episode would just leave me hanging and craving for more and I just couldn't wait what would happened next. The good thing for you guys is that it's now complete so go watch it!

This anime was so good that they even made a live-action drama on it which aired shortly after the anime had finished. I do hope there is a second sequel/season for the anime as the very last episode also had me hooked!!
I gave this anime a rating of 5/5 stars!!

Konata Izumi, Otaku Icon!!
 Time to layer my clothing's on to keep me warm in the cold!
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
I always carry my duck bag around uni!!
Fashion of the Day [200513]
Brandless- Bart Sweater, Denim Top, Boots
River Island- Oxblood Jeans
B.Duck- Bag
This morning was super cold that I didn't want to get out of my warm toasty bed, but uni calls and I also had a few assignments that I had to hand in today! Now I have one more assignment to get done and I shall be free to film more!! Off to help my dear mummy with dinner so we shall talk soon! 
Stay warm this Autumn/Winter guys!
Otherwise enjoy the summery weather for those living in the N.Hemp.
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