Review: Jobazz Everyday Straight Hair

Late last year I was given the Jobazz Everyday Straight Hair which is meant to leave your hair healthier and straighter hair. Although this post is delayed here's what I thought of it when I had freshly used the product as well as waiting the 3 month period to see the results of it!
Before I get straight into rating the products I will claim that I have naturally straight hair so this product did not make my hair straighter than it already was.
My hair still looks the same in texture but it is much stronger & less kinks form!
Jobazz, Everyday Straight HairRatings:

After using this product my hair wasn't magically straighter (as I already have naturally straight hair) but it help strengthen my hair, controlled my baby hairs and made my hair less tangled up too!

I'm not a huge fan of strong chemical smells so definitely no star for the smell for me.

Cost: n/a
I'm am unsure of the exact price but since you are able to purchase the Joabazz straightener product from Big W, Priceline and Woolworths I'm sure it's affordable!

Overall: ★★★
I would recommend this product to those who actually have naturally wavy or curly hair and would like to have an easier and  slightly more damage-free way to achieving straighter hair!

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Sorry for not updating so often recently! Semester One is finally over and I went away to pamper myself a bit before my final exams come up! Been a super busy bee, catching up with Wengie, dance practices and old friends' birthday dinner over the weekends. As usual signing off today with my instagram updates.
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
30th May 2013
Last day of Uni~ did a japanese presentation!
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
30th May 2013
I just don't understand why these are called orange cauliflower?
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
31st May 2013
Two's a Party
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
31st May 2013
Stocking up on some goodies this winter!!
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
9th June 2013
Today was the first time going eating at Chat Time with my cute mummy!
Time to start studying!! First exam this Friday!
So thankful all my exam's this sem. are all multiple choice~!
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