Review: Pure Smile Choosy Lip Gel Mask

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Not a lot of us pay much attention to the care of our lips. Some of us may not even know that lips need to be exfoliated too so we get those moist hydrate plump lips. Since the weather has been getting colder, I've been applying my favorite lip balm everyday to prevent them from drying out. But today I decided to try something different.
Japan's Pure Smile Choosy Lip Gel mask is contains Vitamin E Collagen & Hayluronic Acid which will reduces the fine lines and leave your lips pumped with moisture.  
You can use this mask for 5-30 mins! As you can see in the above picture they also recommend using it on your *ahem* when they are supposedly dry as it will help moisturize them gently. These lip mask come in 5 different flavors: Peach, Milk, Fruit, Herb and Honey. I bought the peach flavor so let's put it to the test!
As you can see the lip mask is gel-like so you have to be very gentle not to rip it.

Left it on my lips for about 30 mins 
Pure Smile Choosy Lip Gel Mask Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★★
My lips feel instantly moisturize and I can see the fine lines disappear too! 

Mask material: ★★★★★
The lip mask is a gel type which allows it to stay on our lips for a long period of time. 

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
The smell of peach is extremely subtle you may not even notice it. I guess it's a good thing~

Cost: ★★★☆
I purchased this at a Japanese shop and it cost AUD$3.50, which I think is a bit pricey for a lip mask. I checked on ebay and it's around the same but I'm sure you can find some beauty online shops which sell them at a cheaper rate. 

Overall: ★★★★☆
Despite the price I really love this mask! It definitely makes my lips feel regenerated from all the harsh conditions it goes through.
Lips feel super moist and many fine lines reduced!!
Don't neglect your lips, they need some love too!

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2 more days until my Japanese final exam, then another one on the coming Saturday. Then I shall be free from all this studying and I can get back to more blogging and filming!! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend and I shall end the post with my Unicorn Princess photo~
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  1. This lip mask looks really nice! (Your lenses are absolutely beautiful, by the way~)
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. The lip mask really gets the job done! Was surprised with the result too :P
      Thank you :)
      I think they were either i.fairy or nudy, don't remember which model exactly since I have opened too many new lenses this year~

  2. This lip mask is a must get D: I never tried lip mask before ^^ but your review makes me want to get one <3 and senna you look sooo cute and pretty and adorable with that lilac wig, and I absolutely adore your lenses too! <3 What's those lenses you wear?

    1. Thanks sweetie!! You are so kind~ I know right, this lip mask was like very interesting since you don't see people making masks for lips a lot, which can also be used on our ahems* xP
      I think the lenses I'm wearing are either nudy or i.fairy as I don't remember which model since I had opened a lot of contacts this year so I need to start cleaning them out soon :P

  3. Aww..... you look so cute!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award:

    1. Thanks Yomi :D
      I shall complete the questions after my exam today!!

  4. I wanna try this out now! Thanks for reviewing it! Also where did you get the wig? It's super cute, loving the colour. :D

  5. Definitely give it a try though I recommend searching online to find a cheaper price :D
    The wig was borrowed from a friend which I think she got from ebay? Sorry couldn't be much of a help there ><"


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