Sigma Product of the Month: June & June Offers ☆

About 3 weeks ago I received a wonderful surprise from Sigma and I was so happy that I shared a photo of the gift with everyone on my instagram and also on my facebook page too.

I was given the Flat Kabuki-F80 and the Blending-E25 brushes!
Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera decided to not focus!
Ahh~ the sad thing about winter is gaining weight and the first thing to reveal that is my FACE! :/
Oh well's I'll embrace the winter fat for a bit longer before I start my healthy diet meal in Spring/Summer
What's the first thing that makes you feel chubbier in winter?? Face? Stomach? Legs? Arm?
Let me know by commenting below :)
The Flat Kabuki-F80 is perfect to buff out your liquid or cream foundation. It creates a natural and flawless face due to it's uniquely dense and flat head. You can also apply your cream blusher with this brush too.
The Blending-E25 allows us to control where and how we blend due to its' wide and slightly flat, firmer bristle's.  
Now I have a surprise for you too!  
Click this picture to start shopping at Sigma now!!
During the month of June you can now take 10% off your next purchase using the code SUM2013

Click this picture to start shopping at Sigma now!!
Now moving onto Sigma's Product of the Month:June.Those living in the northern hemisphere and enjoying the hot summer days the “Make me Blush Makeup Brush Kit” comes in a coral pink colour which would reflect the spring/summer weather you guys are having.  They also come with a matching case which you can use as a brush holder too! 

I would highly recommend this kit for all those who want to start using makeup as more than enough brushes than you’ll need to start off! It may cost a bit but if you add all brushes and brush holder individually you save up to $59 plus all the unique coloured brushes and brush holders are not sold individually too so you’ll be stuck with plain old boring black. Remember this month you can get 10% off so start shopping now!! 
I’ve been using my Sigma brushes for about 3 years now and it’s all thanks to my awesome friend who bought it for one of my previous birthdays’. I've been using these brushes pretty much daily! 
He bought the “Make Me Cool Makeup Brush Kit” as it came in a really unique and beautiful turquoise colour, which is currently reflecting our winter here in Australia.
Starting today one of Sigma's best selling product, the Performance Eyes Kit will now be available individually. Go check out Sigma now by click the photo above!
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Sending my love out to all of you!
Now it's back to studying for me!
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