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I love my accessories, whether they are simple and intricate or bold and dramatic. Botica is an online shop which sells amazing and incredibly unique jewelries, scarves and bags. The designers behind them are all from different countries and backgrounds which is why the pieces are all unique.
Botica currently having a sale which runs until the 28th July 2013 so let me share with you guys a few of my favorites when I was surfing their website. Here are a few bag designs which I love.  

This bag is so casual yet chic and it can be used daily to uni or a picnic with friends.

Grey large Asymmetrical Bag,designed by Georgina Skalidi,Greece.
I love how funky the shape of this large clutch, especially if you pair it up by wearing a simple plain maxi dress this statement piece would draw attention to you in the most graceful way.
Leather Geometric Shoulder Bag,designed by Georgina Skalidi.
Another one of Georgina’s design I love the colours and shape of this chic bag. 
Le Cannes (Noir/Black),designed by Dareen Hakim, United States.
This bag is a classic with the black and gold as you can pair it up with anything. It can also be dressed up and down depending on what you wear this with.

Bookia Clutch Bag(Tan/Black), designed by Flaska Laverne, Spain.
This bag reminds me of the Lolita fashion as I have seen a few similar designs, but this one is more casual compared to the Lolita fashion. The good thing about these is you can always DIY on the cover of this bag if you want.
Bette lambskin leather clutchbag (Black), designed by Jack Germain, United States.
I love how strong this bag looks, I could totally imagine my awesome lionbro, tonylion working this in a photoshoot or just bringing it out on a casual day.
Personalized leather MultiEnvelope Clutch Bag, designed by Harlex, Hong Kong.
Although this is the only bag not on sale this is my favorite bag from the whole lot! It’s a lovely peachy pink-white colour which can be used to various day or night events. I think I would definitely purchase this when it goes on sale or maybe on my birthday as a treat.
Moving onto jewelry here are my few favorites also from the sale section.
Corallium ring, designed byChic Jewel Couture, Spain.
This ring is really elegant and beautiful. I love how detailed the coral is.
Keys Gold Pendant, designedby Nicola Crawford, United Kingdom.
This necklace is timeless as key pendants never go out of trend. These ones are in black and gold which makes it really easy to pair it with.
Angel Ring, designed by SeldaOkutan, Turkey.
This is one of my favorite pieces from the jewelry section. I love how the winged ring comes with a halo to make it into an angel.
Tomoe braided necklace withdip-dyed fringing, designed by Maria Lau, United Kingdom.
This bold piece looks tough to pull off for an everyday look but can easily be matched with a simple white shirt and jeans/maxi skirt.  I love the soft colours and the thin chains twisted in the necklace to give it a slight edginess to it.
Deer Antler Silver Necklace,designed by Justine Brooks, Canada.
I love this necklace! It is just simply beautiful, I just can’t think of a better word.
Gold Plated Twig Necklace, designed by Justine Brooks, Canada.
Another design by Justine, this necklace is very similar to the deer antler necklace yet this one gives a more edgy and casual feel.
Strange Magic (Collection),The Rose Ring, designed by Glenda Lopez, Spain.
This rose ring is so intricate and edgy. This can be worn with both dark and warm shades.
Golden Drip Cuff, designed byEina Ahluwalia, India.
You probably have already seen this design before but I think it’s still a great design and this one looks much more elegant as the drips are designed to be much detailed.

Did you see anything you like here? If you didn’t that’s okay maybe your style is just more unique than mine so definitely check their website >>here<<!
Also if you join today you can get up to $30 off your first purchase but you better be quick as it is a limited-time offer!!
They have also just launched a new photo gallery of people modelling their Boticca pieces where you have the chance to win a gift certificate to spend on Boticca, each week!!!
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