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So Friday morning I met my childhood friend, Stephanie for a lovely brunch catch up session. We decided to go to Kawa café, located right opposite The Winery.
We decided to sit inside where the atmosphere was really relaxing and somewhat homey. 
They also had a few displays of flowers around and art hanging from the wall.  
 Kawa Café, Ratings:

This cafe is about a 15 minute walk from Central Station and is located right opposite The Winery.
348 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm & Sat-Sun, 8am-4pm 

They offer breakfast the entire day and their lunch menu is quite delicious too I must say.

The prices are a bit pricey to my liking but the food and atmosphere there is great.

Their customer service is wonderful!! They come once in a while to check if you’re happy with your meals. No complaint!

Highly recommend this place as it really gives a lovely feel when you sit in at their café. The food and drinks there are quite lovely too. 
We looked through the menu to see what to get and there was so many things I had wanted to try, especially their desserts but I didn't have enough room in my stomach to fit it all, so we only got 2 dishes and 2 drinks. 
Starting off with the drink reviews, we had ordered a banana smoothie and a pineapple mint frappe~ That morning I had forgotten to eat on some breakkie so I was quite hungry which is why I decided to get the banana smoothie to fill me up a bit. 
Stephanie liked the sound of how the pineapple mint frappe would freshen her up and boy did she feel refreshed after drinking it. 
Pineapple Mint Frappe Ratings:

Stephanie really enjoyed her frappe as it had a lovely minty yet fruity taste to it, making it really refreshing.

This also cost about AUD$6 too.

If you’re in for a wake up drink then maybe give this one a go as it is super refreshing!!!
Banana Smoothie Ratings:

I really enjoyed my banana smoothie! It had milk, honey and yogurt in it which created a really lovely taste.

This drink cost about AUD$6 which I find a tad overpriced.

Although the price of this drink is not to my liking the smoothie was really delightful and quite filling too!
Shortly after our drinks arrived on the table our dishes came. We had decided to order one meal from the breakfast menu and one from their lunch menu.  
Big Breakfast Ratings:

Like the usual big breakkie, nothing super special but we did enjoy the five-grain toasted bread that came with it.

I don’t remember the exact price but it was about AUD$13 or so.

If you’re feeling really hungry then this is perfect for you! You can never go wrong with a big breakkie.
Kawa’s Famous Vegetable Minestrone Soup Ratings:

I loved the minestrone soup as it was packed with all these delicious vegetables and there was also some pasta served with it too for a more filling meal.

This cost AUD$9.80 which I find quite reasonable.

Highly recommend, especially if you like drinking minestrone soup or if you don’t eat vegetables as much. This soup was really delicious to consume. 

After a lovely time catching up we went and did a bit of shopping and deciding what to do for our birthdays since they were both coming up really soon. 

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Weekly Photo Updates 
Wednesday, 3rd July 2013
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Sunny morning 
Friday, 5th July 2013
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Buffet at The Star with  my family 
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Buffet at The Star with  my family
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Buffet at The Star with  my family
Saturday, 6th July 2013
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
My brain thought Americano was Affogato~
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Beef Sukiyaki with my Japanese classmates & senpai!
Monday, 8th July 2013
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Photoshoot: BTS with tonylion 
Friday, 12th July 2013
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Brunch with stephanie
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Selfie of the day
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Some goodies I purchased after brunch
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Ginger, shallot and chicken fried rice & bbq pork!!<3
Saturday, 13th July 2013
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Filming with Wengie & some green tea latte at her place~
Ending today's post with a OOTD photo from Brunch with Stephanie.

Fashion of the day「120713」
Esprit- Jacket
Brandless- Skirt, Hello Kitty Stockings, Boots
Taken on the 12th July 2013, during brunch
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