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Do you have an important date with your incredibly amazing boyfriend or do you have your formal, prom or party coming up soon? Regardless of the event, every girls nightmare is to breakout and have pimples developing just days before those big events!
Clearasil has been a well-known brand for its skincare and acne medication products used on a daily basis. Luckily for me I was one of the few bloggers who received Clearasil’s latest product which is their Vitamins & Extracts Daily Clear Wash and Mask. 
Mmmmm smells so good!
Apply it onto wet skin and cleanse in circular motions!!
Its fruity formula allows us to put our best face forward every day without over drying our skin. This is because it is formulated with Avocado extracts and Pomegranate fruit extract, an anti-oxidant is known to help keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Compared to other Clearasil products, their Vitamins & Extracts Daily Clear Wash and Mask also has less salycilic acid, which will help us in maintaining clearer skin and prevent breakouts! 
Clearasil’s Vitamins & Extracts Daily Clear Wash and Mask only cost RRP$10.99 which is incredibly cheap with such great quality in removing impurities and helping prevent our skin from breaking out. So we can all say good bye to breakouts and pimples!
In a trial conducted by Clearasil, over 74% of people said they loved the way the Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts products made their skin look and feel; with 71% claiming that it made their skin feel clearer and healthier.*
* Results of 135 users in beautyheaven blind test Australia, 2012
For more information on their product do check out their facebook page and website.
FIVE of my lucky Australian readers’ will have the chance to win their very own full-sized Clearasil’s Vitamins & Extracts Daily Clear Wash and Mask. 
The giveaway will be held from the 1st July till 22nd July 2013. You must be residing in Australia and at least 14 years of age to enter. All winners will be notified via. Email and must reply within 2 weeks to claim the prize, otherwise you will forfeit it. 
*Remember to read the T&C’s before you enter.
All you need to do is comment below with your Email & Answer the following question: (I will be picking 5 of my favorite comments)
“What skin concerns do you think Clearasil’s Vitamins & Extracts could help you with?” 
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  1. Li Su here!! lisublog@gmail.com

    “What skin concerns do you think Clearasil’s Vitamins & Extracts could help you with?”

    I think Clearasil can help with my oil retention. Moisturise my skin as well as hydration. :)

  2. momosmoment@gmail.com
    I think the skin concerns Clearasil could help me with is nourishing my skin and getting rid of my acne, it sucks being an adult and still having acne even though I know it's normal so I'd like to see if it could help control it better =)

  3. Thanks for entering :D
    Hopefully this product will help you control them better :)

  4. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 7, 2013 at 2:25 AM

    Oh looks like a nice cleanse!
    I saw many reviews about this product!
    Looks really cool!
    Your blog is really lovely now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back!


  5. Hi, nominated you for a Liebster Award, I hope you go visit my site and answer my 11 questions for you http://www.whizzersrose.com/2013/07/liebster-award.html thanks!

  6. your skin is so perfect! n__n

    Blog: http://posturepain.blogspot.ie

  7. Hi thanks for nominating me :)
    I've already done one but will be doing another soon because I've been getting tagged again :D Do feel free to read my previous one though.

  8. will read asap ;-)

  9. Is that your real hair? It looks so nice with the pink bits at the bottom. c: I'm so tempted to just dye my whole head purple hahahaa!

    Emai: phuongieepops(at)gmail(dot)com
    Q: What skin concerns do you think Clearasil’s Vitamins & Extracts could help you with?
    A: I actually have really sensitive skin and the fact that it has avocado in it, I'd love to try it out and see how it can be moisturising and aid my breakouts as well. ^_^

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway dear! :D x

  10. Yes that;s my real hair~!! The pink is slowly fading!!!! but it's okay~
    YOU SHOULD!! My friend regrets not listening to my advice in going for a brighter and vivid but no..she didn't listen~ hahah. Now she wants to redye it.

    Thanks for entering the giveaway~

  11. What skin concerns do you think Clearasil’s Vitamins & Extracts could help you with?

    Anyone that knows me personally will already know the answer to that question. I had terrible acne for as long as I remember and none of the products I had tried had manage to cure my acne. Since this is a relatively new product that just came out, I am going to try my luck and try to actually win this giveaway. And hopefully, I will.

    Email: contactingcrystal(at)gmail(dot)com
    Blog: featuringcrystal.blogspot.com

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway ^.^

    May the odds be ever in my favour. LOL

  12. Good luck in the giveaway and I do hope this product does help you somehow :D

  13. Love you hair & you are sooooo pretty *0*

  14. Thank you!!!! I went to your blog and you're really beautiful too!

  15. stephanie95chen@gmail.com

    I think this product would be able to help with my acne/combination skin. With the help of avocado and pomegranate , hopefully it would be able to soothe dry patches but at the same time make my face more glowy :)

  16. Wooooo!!!

    Hope it does too! It's so gentle!! :D

  17. Yes it's a really good and gentle cleanser!! Definitely go buy it and give it a go since it's not very expensive :D

  18. If you are what you eat maybe you are what you put on your skin! Hopefully all the good fats in the avocado will counteract my dreaded sebum and superfood pomegranate gives me superskin! Magical power up!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    gardenofshadowsstore at gmail dot com

  19. Thanks for entering!
    Shall be announcing the winners today :)

  20. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks
    Best Facial Cleanser for Women

  21. You're welcome! & i'm glad you enjoyed reading it :D


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