✿ Hanging with my Parents! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Today's post is a little out of the ordinary as I'll be sharing about the time I spent with my parents. 
So Saturday I didn't do much and just stayed home cleaning up my room as I had so much stuff I needed to throw out. Found billions of clothes to sell (most are pretty much brand new!) and donate so yay! More room in my wardrobe! As for dinner, I headed out to The Star with my parents and had dinner there. We had 3 dishes which included the BBQ Pork Combi, Sambal fried chicken, Kong bao Squid and Glaze pork. The pork doesn't taste as nice as it sounds. 
 Moving along onto Sunday, today, I headed out early with my mum to get a haircut as I wanted a trim before uni and birthday. I didn't get my usual hair dresser/stylist as he was already booked out so I just got one of the ladies to do my hair. She did a good job with cutting and styling but one thing I disliked was the fringe, as it wasn't what I was after~ So will be going back next week to get my original hairdresser to fix that bit up for me. 
After getting our hair's done we headed to the city for our weekly lunch session. This time we decided to go to Thai-riffic as we still needed to use our left over coupon's. This time it wasn't as nice as the soup was not hot enough. 
Once we finished lunch we shopped around and then decided to go to the Magnum popup store, which I thought was free so we ended up lining up. We didn't realize until we reached the front of the line that we needed to pay but we still bought one since we took about 40 minutes to get to the front. 
We got to DIY our very own Magnum's with the listed toppings so I got the Dark chocolate base with dried strawberries, pistachio, rose petals and rock sea salt and drizzled in white chocolate sauce.
Their toppings
More toppings
And here is the final product. Overall I think the DIY Magnum is overpriced at AUD$7 and I think they added a bit too much salt on mine so  it was really salty, but I did like the dried strawberries, those were delicious.  
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