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 Today I will be sharing with you guys one of my recent favorite snacks that I've been munching on non-stop.
Garden's Malkist crackers have been my #1 snacks for the past few days as I love munching on them when I get a bit peckish before or after a meal. 
So let me give you my ratings for this amazing snack which I cannot get enough of!
Garden, Malkist Crackers Ratings:

Packaging: ★★☆☆
The packaging is nothing out of the ordinary. All the cookies were placed nicely and neatly inside. 

Price: n/a
We got this from one of my mummy's friend while she was working. 

Taste: ★★★★
I loved this biscuit as the top is glazed lightly with honey and sugar for that extra taste. I love it! I also like how you can crack the square biscuit into halves too. 

Overall: ★★
Definitely would be purchasing more of these biscuits if I ever see them in Sydney otherwise I will stock up on heaps when I go back to Hong Kong since the brand Garden is from Hong Kong.

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Well I have just finished off the packet whilst typing this blog entry. Oh boy my skin has been starting to take it's downfall so it's time to whip out my bio-oil and skin remedies to help with my current sensitive skin! I shall share my remedies with you guys soon!! 
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