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Do you like the kawaii Japanese fashion or the chic Korean fashion? Or do you want to get your hands on some Japanese or Korean makeup.
At Vivi Clothes you are able to purchase Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong fashion and makeup. Vivi Clothes is an online shop which sells various unique clothing’s, shoes, gadgets, etc. They offer various sizes for clothing’s and shoes especially if you’re more on the petite or small feet side. 
A few fashion brands that they currently carry include Liz Lisa, WC, Snidel, Candy Stripper, Dazzin, Murua, Tralala, Merci Beaucoup, etc.
Just looking at the various brands they have there are bound to have many amazing pieces, which is one of the reasons why I love to see what to purchase next with them. Here are a few of my favorites which can be found on their site. To get a direct link to the products listed below just click on the product name under the pictures.
Starting off with one of this seasons’ most recent trend is the asymmetrical skirt which is a much cheaper alternative compared to the original one by ZARA. 
Asymmetrical Skirt
One of my favorite Japanese fashion brands, Candy Stripper, is a loud, playful, cute yet rock’n’roll style uses colours and over the top designs which attracts many teens and young adults. 
Candy Stripper Horoscopic Skirt
Candy Stripper Sailor Shirt
Liz Lisa on the other hand is super girly and sweet, perfect if you’re into Hime-Gyaru fashion, meaning a more princessy and girly feel. Yet many of their pieces can be worn on an everyday basis look.
Liz Lisa Suspender Shorts
Liz Lisa Ruffle Skorts
Hime Gyaru Dress 
They also have a few Lolita dresses, which is to dress up all doll-like, and some cosplay outfits too!
Sweet Lolita Dress
But if you’re more into punk or gothic fashion then maybe you might like this Cat Jacket. It’s not entirely gothic or punk as its bold vibrant colours and the cute cat ear’s balance out the style to be able to wear this daily. 
Punk Gothic Cat Jacket

Okay so this whole time I’ve been talking about women fashion, but guess what, Vivi Clothes also sell’s fashion for men too!! So if you’re best friend or brother/s are into the Korean, Japanese or Hong Kong styles, then it’s best to tell them about this website too! Here are a few pieces I saw which looked quite nice!
Men's Blouse
Two-Way wear Men Sweater
They also sell jewelries, accessories and makeup which include a huge range of brands such as Skin Food, Etude House, Skin79, etc.
You can now like them on their facebook page for their daily updates and promotions that they have. Do let me know what items you plan to purchase from Vivi Clothes the next time you shop there, in my comment box below. 
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  1. The clothe's are sooo pretty! *.*
    & you're so adorable Sennaa~

  2. Thankyou Michelle!!!!!!
    I know right!! I want to shop online again but already did a bit of shopping already and made a fashion haul vid (in this blog entry too). Sighs time to save up and wait before I can shop agains :P

  3. Those clothes are adorable. You've got a good sense of style.

  4. Sena you're such a doll! Haha I love your hat <3 vivi clothes have so many gyaru and Lolita dresses I want! But I'm controlling myself to shop since I spent so many this month haha ~_~ thank you for the post <3

  5. Omgsh I feel for you!! Same thing for me too!! Shop way tooooo much now I have to save up and wait before can buy new stuff gah~ I bought the cat beret beanie from ebay :P
    & don't thank me when your wallet becomes dry and empty :P

  6. Hi Senna...^^
    Thank you for leave ur nice comment on my blog...
    I really love ur dress and ur ombre hair.. You look super beautiful! ^^
    Btw, I just following ur GFC n bloglovin. Would u mind to follow back? thanks :)


  7. Naww Thanks Glory!
    I love your blog too :D
    So helpful, especially for colour contacts review so

  8. Yeah they're really cute! Definitely go check their shop out if you're interested in Japanese branded clothing and Korean cosmetic's :D

  9. Very beautiful outfits, these dresses are beautiful, i use http://www.majorbrands.in to buy dresses online.

  10. i love your site.. and i love your article post.. if you dont mind you can check my Asian Fashion Style Here.

  11. Yeah i love the styles they carry too :)

  12. Naww~ thankyou~
    I shall check your site out :D

  13. Rena Cristy GamuetaOctober 1, 2013 at 1:31 PM

    thank you :)


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