Review: Mediheal, Overlab Orange Mandarin Real Powder Mask

It's been 3 days since my last blog entry, this is not because I'm getting lazy and forgetting about you guys but I've been catching up with friends over FOOD! So I haven't had time to get all my GOOD blogging materials together to share with you guys. Otherwise you'd just be reading very boring stuff. 
Anyways back to reviewing the masks sponsored by the lovely Constance Choo. This time I will be reviewing their Mediheal, Overlab Orange Mandarin Real Powder Mask. 
This mask supposedly can lighten up our skin tone as it is packed with vitamin C. It also pumps nutrients into our skin and tighten it up when using it. 
Like the Yellow Pumpkin mask, it is dry to begin with as the serum is separated until you want to use it. You must push all the serum up into the mask sheet so it is able to absorb it completely. Any left over serum in the packet I use on my arms and neck. Anyways Let's put this mask on!!
Mediheal, Overlab Orange Mandarin Real Powder Mask Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★★
I love how smooth and bouncy my skin feels after using it. My skin also looks much brighter after a tiring day out and about in the sun!!

Mask material: ★★★★★
The cotton-base mask starts off as a dry until you push the serum up into into the mask. It becomes soft and soaked in serum. It fits perfectly on my face without slipping or sliding to one side.

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
It has a lovely smell of mandarin citrus. Mmmm~ one of my favorite fruits to eat during winter

Cost: n/a
This mask currently is not sold online yet (as I cannot find any online beauty shops that sell them). But you are able to purchase them from the facebook shop Constance Choo 

Overall: ★★★★★
Highly recommend this mask for those who want to brighten their skin to feel freshen up. 
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  1. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 9, 2013 at 8:44 AM

    Hi Dear, really cute mask!
    I really want purchase one for try!
    So bad than any only store sell this mask yet!
    Now I´m following you in Facebook I hope your follow me back there!

  2. You can purchase this mask from Constance Choo on facebook. Their page is all in Chinese but they can speak English if you message them and they also ship worldwide :D


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