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Ever since my last Rings & Tings sponsored post, their jewellery online store has now grown into a fashion online store where they also carry clothing's, shoes and watches too.  
Their business card is really cool!!!
The lovely people working for the brand had sent me another set of jewelleries which I received last week and I was super excited to review on the pieces. 
Ring & Tings Ratings:
Customer Service: 
They are extremely helpful when you need to find an answer to your question when shopping with them. They reply your e-mail's within 24 hours (or less!). 

They offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and depending which part of the world you live in it can from 4 days to about 14 days. As for me I got my parcel within 7 working days! 

Highly recommend shopping at Rings&Tings as they offer a great range of accessories and awesome street style clothing. 
I was given 2 necklaces and one bracelet which can all be worn on a daily basis. The anchor necklace is really cute and chic and sit on the centre of your chest bone. The arrow head necklace has a much longer chain which allows it to sit just above your belly button but I decided to pull it up so it can sit just beneath my collar bone. As for the boned bracelet, it is my favorite piece from the parcel. It is dainty and cute to wear with everything I own. 
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Today I met with Li-Su to catch up and go to dance practice. We had a really enjoyable time at dance and when we came out we hunted for a meal.
We both had Soft Shell Crab Don.
Taken from my instagram: lazypandah
I leave you today with final photo of me luvo-ing.
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  1. I like the neklace ^^ You are pretty.

  2. Yeah they are ain't they~ But they best work with dresses than shirts and stuff is what I found that suited me :)

  3. I love the anchor necklace, I own one as well (but your black one is nicer imo XD). Your makeup and lenses are very pretty~ (❁´ω`❁)

  4. Thankyou Junko! <3
    What colour is your anchor necklace??

  5. Mine has a blue center and a white boarder with rhinestones. It's not bad, but black seems more versatile :D

  6. Your one sound really cute :D
    But I see what you mean why you like the black one more~ tehehe :P

  7. Your hair is so pretty! I also noticed you said you're from Australia? Where from?! I'm from Melbourne! :D

  8. Thank you! Have to maintain it quite well otherwise it'd just die~
    Yes I am!! I'm from Sydney!!! Planning to visit Melb. one day heheh :P


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