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As for me it’s time to save up so that I can pamper myself on my birthday next week!


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Uni begins next week and I'm so not looking forward to it at all, but the good thing is I will be able to celebrate my birthday with my friends without having to worry about any assessments in the way yet. Also I will be doing a makeup tutorial for my Ulzzang inspired makeup which I wore for 
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  1. Haha sena-chan your pictures are always so cute and adorable! Makes me smile :D yay your birthday is next month?

  2. ありがとう、ミサちゃん!
    To be more exact next week!!! hahaha, just made that change to the blog post just nows as I just realised now hahaa. It's on the 3rd Aug :D

  3. Happy early birthday!!! LOL. Funny how I know two other people with the same birthday.

    My birthday is just over a week after yours ^.^

  4. Wow really!! I've been waiting for aug 3rd for a month now cause its the start of my 10 days holiday haha but there's another reason to celebrate :D (tho it's also my ex's bday bleh) haha yay I'll make sure to properly greet you on that day ^^

  5. Well that is indeed another reason to celebrate!! Hahah~ for me it's to dread back to uni on the following monday :/

    But fess not! You can now remember SENNNAA! bday on the 3rd instead of your ex's now hehehe :D
    What's the exact date for your bday ミサちゃん!~

  6. Naww thankyou sweetie!!!
    And yeah I have a few friends whose bday's are extremely close to mine and some the day after~
    Have friends bday on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and my younger brother's bday is on the 6th~! So it's like party non-stop!!! Hahaha~

  7. Advance happy birthday cutie Sennaa :D
    Great blog post, But i'm a sucker for saving haha. Whenever i try to save up my money i always end up spending it :'( I'm hopeless #lol
    Anyway, Ulzzang style suit's! you look soo adorable like a little neko! I Just wanna huggle you :3 haha pardon my creepiness haha. <3

    P.S wish you all the best for your birthday!



  8. Nawww~ Thankyou Michelle! It's so lovely to receive birthday wishes from other bloggers and readers!! <3 It means so much to me!
    & I know what you mean! When I start to spend the money I have saved up I use it all!!! ><"
    Hahahaa thankyou~ I haven't really done ulzzang-style makeup before, mostly gyaru since I love how dramatic you can be with the false lashes hehe~ But I shall have my ulzzang-inspired makeup tutorial soon!~ :D
    Once again thanks for the early birthday wish!! <3

  9. You're very much welcome :')
    exactly maybe the only time i can really save up is when i'm really old and i wouldn't get tempted by online shop's and clothes,shoes store sale's anymore haha. old i mean like 50 something xD
    Yeah i like gyaru style's and haven't tried it yet, Maybe because i'm too old for it haha. Ulzzang make-up is good for veryday make up which i find great it's not too intimidating for my age unlike gyaru but i wanna try it sometime hehee.
    I'll be looking forward for your future tutorials then! <3

  10. Hahaha~ Or maybe when your around 50 you might be shopping more!!! Hahaha~ How old are you? You make yourself sound old but you definitely do not look old at all!! :P

    Yes definitely look forward to them :D


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