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Good morning lovelies, today I'm going to review on a few pieces of clothing which were sponsored by Piping HotThe Iconic Australian Surf brand Piping Hot sells both children and adult clothing’s at affordable prices and they are predominantly sold at Target Australia
For as long as I can remember I have worn Piping Hot quite a lot as the brand is fashionable and easy to match on a daily basis whether it be a picnic or a day at the beach. Furthermore, their clothing's are high quality too!
I received 4 tops and 2 bottoms from Piping Hot. The upcoming Spring/Summer season is all about pastel colour's for a easygoing feel. The first piece I'm going to share with you guys is their rash shirt as I didn't model this item in person. 
#1. Beach Rash Shirt
The rash shirt comes in a plain black colour with pink lining. It’s material is stretchable to fit comfortable on our bodies. 

Now it's time to model the rest of the clothing's for you guys so you know how it looks like~ This is great for kids and teens who head out to the beach or an outdoor pool a lot during the Summer. 
#2. Pastel Rainbow Maxi Skirt
This fun skirt is perfect for females aged in their teens up to those in their early 20’s. It’s a lovely flowing colourful skirt which reflects the fun you can have in summer. 
Rody says HELLO~
#3. Aztec-printed tank top
This top is loose and flowy but you can easily change this by tucking in the ends into a pair of shorts or skirt for an active yet chic look. The top is great for girls in their teens till their early 20's as they can wear it out casually. 
My dog kept licking my hand during the shoot~

#4. Cargo Shorts

I love how you can wear these short so casually to head out on a lunch date, to the beach and/or to a picnic. It's perfect for girls who love running around, finding an adventure!
Sor B: What are those!?

#5. Turquoise Ombre Denim Vest

This is one of my favorite pieces from the package. This top can easily be matched with any piece of colourful or pastel clothing’s and shoes. Any girl can rock this piece as long as you find it your size!
Sor B: Take a look at my hind leg! SEXY YER!
#6. Pastel Pink Checkered Top
For as long as I can remember I love anything in the Checkered print because it’s a timeless print meaning this top is my #1. Favorite piece! This piece can be really girly, especially if you pair it up with a skater skirt like me, but you can modify this by changing into a pair of shorts so less girly but still playful. 
If you liked what you saw here definitely check out Target Australia now to find affordable and cute pieces from Piping Hot. 
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  1. Ah I loved the video! Your pink ombre really stood out from the black background! It's nice that you have dance buddies, I'm yet to find kpop dance buddies!

    Thumbs up for the video!

    Btw, the rainbow maxi skirt is toooo cute! It'll look great on sunny warm days!


  2. Thanks May!!! <3
    I'll let Wengie know that you loved the vid :D

    Yes kpop dance buddies can be hard to find as there are not a lot of dance studio's that teach kpop chore. specifically, but I do hope you find some soon! Otherwise I'll come visit you one day and we can dance kpop till we drop~ hahah!
    Do you reside in Melb. or Malaysia (just stalked your blog :P)

    & Thanks~~ I love how colourful it is!! Makes me feel really happy hehehe~ :P

  3. Nice outfits! You have a great blog!

    I like the Sigma haul video and the dance video!

    Would you to follow each other on GFC and give like on Facebook page?


    HonneJihen blog [Click!]

  4. Thanks for watching the video's! Glad you liked them!!
    And sure I'll follow you on GFC~

  5. Lol we'll dance and swish our hair around till my hair turns naturally ombre pink. I hope I can find some dance buddies, but uni is soo taxing and I don't have much time to study/blog etc. -.-

    I'm Malaysian but I spend most of the year in Melbourne studying masters! I go home to Malaysia for summer and shop like a mad person. XD

  6. Woah nice!!
    I have a few friends in melbourne studying too!!! and are also from Malaysia! hahaha! Maybe one day when I go to m'sia, during the summer holidays we can officially meet :D

  7. Yayyy!! I'm totally going back to M'sia this summer (it may be my last summer before I start finding a full time job). Ahhhhh all the yummy food and fruits in M'sia!! I'm hungry now... XD

  8. Wooo!!! Hope you find an awesome job that you'll enjoy :D


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