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SMASH!Anime & Manga Convention 2013 was held on August 10th and this year I applied for normal volunteer and was assigned to ticketing!! Compared to last year helping out only at the Maid Cafe, I got to see much more cosplayer's and events too! 
I reached the convention centre at 6:30am sharp as we had a few things we had to run over before everything started. 
Luckily for us we got everything settled quickly and we had heaps of time to roam around and take luvo's and of course cosplayer's as they lined up. 
Us lovely ladies on the day at the cashiers!
Taking advantage of good lightning~
Beautiful day~
Cute ushering gal right here!!
I got quite a few people asking me who I was cosplaying on the day as they couldn't put their finger on which exact character I was~ Only a few could guess instantly~ Do you know who I cosplayed as that day?
Can you guss who I was cosplaying as??
Look at all these gundam models!!!
I'm pretty much as tall as this gundam model (if I took my shoes off~). I really wanted to take it home with me to guard my bedroom!! Muahhahaha!
And of course I had an awesome time looking at all the cosplayer's especially during the cosplay competition~ 
I also bumped into a friend who was also working at the Maid Cafe last year~
As soon as I saw this cosplayer I just had to take a photo with her!!! It's Rei from FREE! Gotta love those butterfly prints!
A SMASH! attendee found me through my instagram/blog and sent me this picture!! Thank you Shaun!!! I hope you had a blast that day!! 
With this pose do you know who I'm cosplaying as now?????
Yes! I'm cosplaying as Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail~ (although I forgot to stick the FT tattoo on! ><"). Below was the only group picture I could find with the rest of the Fairy Tail cosplayer's~ and I used the wrong hand for the pose in this picture too~
Super lucky to snap heaps of photo's during our ushering shift!!!
Their lolita dresses were so beautiful!!!
What a cute cosplayer!!! It's perfect~!
With cutie Miku!

Special thanks to Miku for helping me take these photo's!!! 
As the day went by it was time to get ready to pack things up but I went and found my uni friends at the Maid Cafe to snap a shot before I went and helped clean up at the cashier~
I had an amazing time volunteering this year as I met amazing friends and now I can't wait till next year's SMASH!
I also managed to vlog around the convention when I had the time, mostly during the cosplay competition though. Enjoy!! Also if you see any photo's of the tattoo-less Lucy Heartfilia floating around the internet or facebook please send me a link via. commenting or e-mailing me them!! Thank you!!

Yay finally got this post up for you guys! Was trying to gather as many photo's as possible~ I also manage to edit two video's, one being the Smash vlog and another a review video which I shall upload soon!!
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