Red & Sparkling~ ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

I just came back from Tony’s Birthday Brunch at Fifi Foveaux.
Somehow we all managed to dress in red~ except Trevor.
After brunch we headed to Sparkle for cupcakes!! We had a great time catching up over food again. Now let my pictures speak for me as I am now still exhausted from yesterday, at the SMASH! convention which I promise to blog about next time. Be warned this blog entry is spammed with TonyLion's face!
@Fifi Foveaux
Top: Latte with extra froth, Ice Coffee
Bottom: Macchiato, Ice Mocha 
Happy 21ST TonyLion!
My friends & I love to take picture of food before we did in~ 
Posing with his food! 
Got my lionbro a new watch!! Had to pose with it straight away!
Two Luvo-ing Lion's!
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Fashion of the day「110813」
WC- Sweater
H&M- Shorts
GUCCI- Bag & Sunglasses
NIKE- Shoes
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  1. Awwwww such a cute and fun post haha you made me hungry for yummy food XD

    恵美より ♥

  2. Love the WC sweater! I'm all for comfy sweaters paired with shorts and tights! I actually really like TonyLion's sweater as well!

  3. You look so gorgeous, Sena-chan! And the food makes me soooo hungry. Thank you for that tch >__> haha XD

  4. Yeah i really liked his sweater too!! and my WC sweater is one of my fav ones' to wear :P


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