Review: Bema Bio Anti-Cellulite Kit Intensive Treatment

Do you want to get slimmer thigh's and a firmer butt as spring & summer is about to hits us. Well know you can start preparing for that with Bema Bio Anti-Cellulite Kit Intensive Treatment.
Bema Bio Anti-Cellulite Kit Intensive Treatment helps prevent and combats cellulite-related imperfections and allows your skin to appear more toned, supple, smooth and extremely moisturized in just two weeks.
This 2 Week Intensive Anti Cellulite Treatment Kit includes:
►5 x 5mL vials of Thermo-Activated Lotion
►1 x 250mL pack of White Mud Cream
►1 x 250mL pack of Firming Cream
►1 x pair of Bemapants
►1 x explanatory leaflet
So let's put this baby to the test!
Open the vial of Thermo-Active Lotion and apply half of the context on your thighs' problem area and make sure to avoid your intimate area, (you don't want that to burn like crazy now do you). Massage the product into the skin until fully absorbed and apply the remaining lotion onto the other leg. 
Next, take a generous amount of Mud Cream and apply a 1mm thick layer on top of the treated area then grab the Bemapant's and wear this for at least 30mins -2 hours.
If you rip your pair of  Bemapants by accident, you can always use Glad-Wrap to cover the treated area instead.  
After "baking" your leg's it's time to apply the Firming cream. Remember to wash your Bemapant's every time!! Now it's time for the review!
Bema Bio Anti-Cellulite Kit Intensive TreatmentRatings:

Effects: ★★★★★
After my first session I saw my leg's were much more toned and looked slimmer too! I've only been using this for about 3 days so far so the end results I will share with you soon!

Mask material: ★★★★★
The Bemapant's are made to fit women of all size and shapes!

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
The Thermo-Active Lotion smells like Butter Cocoa where as the two cream's didn't have any particular smell. During the process of baking your legs with both the Thermo-Active Lotion & Mud Cream applied the area will get extremely hot, which is why you want to avoid your intimate area!!

Cost: n/a
This mask currently is not sold online yet (as I cannot find any online beauty shops that sell them). But you are able to purchase them from the facebook shop Constance Choo. Their site is in Chinese but they are able to speak English so just inbox them. 

Overall: ★★★★★
I love this product! It definitely makes my legs appear slimmer, smoother, toned and moisturized just after 3 days of using it. Of course you can not just rely on this to hope into getting thin model-like leg's but it does help prevent the build up of cellulite dimples. Make sure to follow a healthy life style once you are on this 2 week program so it works to it's fullest potential!! 
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  1. Aww it looks so nice! Though your legs look so slim already senna haha xD thank you for the review can't wait to see the end result :D

  2. It seems like a great product! I would need it for my thick legs lol

  3. Hahahha took the photo of my leg's while I was standing so it was such an awkward pose and angle ==" hahha~
    But thankyou misa-chan~

  4. Hope it helps you if you do decide to try it out :D

  5. Lol just the other day I was staring at my butt and I went 'Boyyy is my butt saggy...' XD

    I'm so lazy with multi-step products like these! I bought one of those 'cling-wrap' kinda thingy to burn fats and I've only used it twice this year. I've been thinking of getting this Scholl leg slimming socks tho!


  6. Hahaha i know what you mean, they can be a hassle sometimes~~ :P
    Oh i've seen the scholl leg slimming socks~ heard they help you tone them up while you sleep but don't think it'll help with the butt~ but i think i've also seen one for the butt~ their like pants hehehe~ :P


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