Advanced Screening of TURBO! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ

Today I went to the advanced screening of Turbo, with my PARENTS! Why? well simply because my parent's don't really watch movies that much with us now and they love cartoon too! We bought ourselves a large drink, which came in a SMURF 2 bottle, and large popcorn. To our surprise....we didn't need to buy any of that stuff because they were handing out free popcorn & water bottles for us! and of course a goodie bag filled with amazing stuff! This was all thanks to Nuffnang & Smooth FM 95.3  
Since we got to the cinema's pretty early I took a few snaps with my adorable parents!! My mum demanded the peace sign because she was happy to get a goodie bag too!!! Hahahaha~ Oh my parents love the freebies..actually....I do too! But it seemed as if my parents were the kids of the day~
The movie was really enjoyable to watch and I guess you could say it taught a few things that we could learn. One is "no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small" & I loved how innovative Tito(Taco man!) was. He showed us that no matter what came his way he always took advantage of every chance he got!! 
 After the movie we headed to Flemington for some PHO!!! I had a huge craving for them all of a sudden so yeh! Whoooop!!! I'm incredibly sorry that I do not know the English name of each dish we order as we always order in Cantonese every time we go there~ So you can learn the Canto-pinyin of these dishes!!
(lit.trans: Tomato Beef Noodle soup)
{lit.trans: Mixed Rice Cold Vermicelli)
(lit.trans: Fried Chicken Mixed? Noodle)

So that pretty much sums up my entire outing with my parents! Had heaps of fun with them since it has been a while hanging out together and all~ I shall be ending today's post with Turbo & I just hanging out~
Fashion of the day「150913」
Forever New- Knit
b + ab- Studded Shorts
Dr. Marten- Polka Dot Boots
Vivienne Westwood- Bag

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