HyunA in Sydney 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

I know I haven't been as active on my blog due to assignments all due within these few weeks so yeah! I'll try to squeeze in a bit of blogging every so often from my daily life~!! Reviews will have to wait a bit until my wave of assignments has calmed down!!
Anyways as you know last Sunday, which so happened to be the 1st September, was the start to spring and also the day 4minute, a KPOP girl band, performs in Sydney not only for one show but for TWO shows! 
In afternoon show they were the special judges for the Kpop Dance Cover competition and I had two groups to support that day, 6ixx & DynamikDance!! I'm so proud of my friends as they take the awards for 2nd & 3rd place!! BRAVO! PROUD OF YOU!!!

Anyways, I was pretty lucky to get a ticket to the show since I was really last minute and I completely forgot that Hyuna (Yes! I'm a Hyuna fan~ and so are all my male friends too!) was coming to town, so I asked one of my friends who was performing to see is she had any spare tickets and WOOHOO! She had spares left so YAY! It was time to support my friends and see Hyuna LIVE!!
As I was lining up I already assumed all the good seating's would be taken but to my suprise everyone was aiming for the higher up seats so I scored myself a front row VIP seat! Because...I mean why do I want to take pictures of the back of Hyuna's head right......So yeah I got a pretty good unblocked view and snaps of 4minute!~
Can you guess what song they are performing?? :P
The show didn't start until 3pm and ended almost around 6pm, meaning I was late to meet up with my family for Father's Day dinner!! Thankfully I got to the dinner quickly and had a lovely night enjoying dinner with my lovable family!!
Today I headed out to the Smash! Thankyou picnic which was so much fun! Got to catch up with all my good buddies there and now it's time to get all my assignment's done once and for all so I don't leave you guys hanging around reading boring stuff all the time~ :P
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  1. I personally isn't a big fan of her Hyana but you look so sweet as always ^^

    恵美より ♥


  2. Wow, you're so lucky! :) I love HyunA too ^^

    Anyway, would you join my giveaway :)


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