A visit to Grandma's Little Bakery V(=^・ω・^=)v

On Saturday I headed to Alexandria for the first time to eat at Grandma’s Little Bakery which offers a home-styled cooking and baking concept. They also share their loved recipes and flavors from around the world. Here's a simple review on the place as a whole, more details will be follow up. 

Grandma's Little Bakery Ratings:

Location: ★★★★
As it is my first time heading to Alexandria, I wasn’t sure how to get there by myself so of course driving was the best option for me. It was incredibly easy to find the location.
42 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria , NSW 2015
Opening Hours:  
Sun-Mon, 7am-4pm, Sat, 7am-10pm

Menu: ★★★★
They offer breakfast the entire day and their lunch menu is quite delicious too!! They also have lunch buffets from Fri-Sun which offers a wide variety of pasta, casseroles  pastries, fruits, salads and desserts. They also have coffee's, juice's and wines on their drink menu too!

Cost: ★★★★☆
From memory the price range was very reasonable! The dishes ranged from AUD$11.95-$14.95 which I found cheaper than brunching in the city!

Service: ★★★★
The hospitality shown was incredibly warm and welcoming, even though I was about 10 minutes late of the booked time. I was given the most amazing experience there from both the owners and the staff. Everyone was incredible nice and helpful when I was deciding on what dishes to try out!

Overall: ★★★★
I highly recommend Grandma’s Little Bakery especially if you’re residing near the area. They have an amazing warm atmosphere which truly makes you want to sit back and relax the afternoon. 
I decided to check their lunch buffet section before looking at their menu dishes. Their buffet section is in a spacious area with both hot and cold dishes being served. There were a whole range of dishes which included pasta, rice, casserole dishes, pastries, bread, salad, fruits, dips and even dessert. The lunch buffet cost AUD$20 (adults) which I find is a relatively decent price, especially for a buffet!
As we were taken to our seat I saw a sign which caught my interest and I just had to snap a photo of it to share with you guys. They are incredibly considerate about their customers’ health well-being!! I also took a few more photos before settling down to look at the menu. 
The table in the sunlight is where I sat that day~
would like to point out that they were quite eco-friendly as iPad mini’s were used as their menu’s. The reason being is not because it’s more hipster but because they make new recipes daily and so printing out new pages of coloured images would be cost & time consuming  and also not so nice to the environment, but with the iPad they are able to update it whenever needed.
They also use paper straws rather than plastic ones! Here I’m sipping on their fruit juice! It was really refreshing as it was a super-hot day! 
From the menu we ordered 3 dishes in total. The first dish that came out was their Spicy Shakshuka with extra chili flakes on the side.
I must tell you I love spicy food, which is why I asked for extra chili! Boy did the extra chili added a bit of impact to the Shakshuka dish! I loved it! It’s also my very first time eating a Shakshuka too! But what is Shakshuka, well it’s a dish with eggs poached usually in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions and spices.
The next dish that came out from the kitchen was their Chicken & Vegetable Basket Pie w/salad. It probably was my favorite dish of the day. When the dish came out I was amazed at the amount we got! It was huge as it was packed with all the chicken and vegetables which were so good and the pastry was heavenly!!!! It was just so crispy and perfect it felt like savory heaven in my mouth! 
The third dish that came out was their Beef & Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent. The centre of the pastry was filled with marinated beef mince, kind og like Bolognese and the mushrooms went very well with the flavors present. Again the pastry was very crispy and lovely!!
After eating a very satisfying lunch that we felt so full to eat anymore, it was time to move onto the desserts, unfortunately for us the apply pastry and the Malibu were already sold out but we were lucky enough to try out one of their new cheesecakes as well as their traditional one. I really enjoyed their new strawberry jam & pistachio cheesecake as it felt more light and refreshing whereas the traditional cheesecake brought out the rich flavors. 
After lunch and dessert I caught up with Dana, the owner of Grandma’s Little Bakery, and she showed me their shop that they have right next to their counter! She also told us quite a handful of information about the shop, the food, recipes, etc. 
Another view of the buffet area
Just hanging in the shop~
Wouldn’t you agree that all the foods look amazing!! I was incredibly shocked when Dana told me that everything they make is all made from scratch!! The reason being is because they wanted their food to be healthier and a wiser option for their customers when they walk in through the door.  
Homemade cookies, jams, sauces. etc. 
More sauces for recipes~
Cakes & dips
Clearer image of the strawberry pistachio cheesecake
I took my time looking what they had on the shelves. They had everything from their casseroles , to cookies, pastries, cake, etc. They also had pretty cute cookie jars too!!
Cookie jars~
Homemade cookies!!!
Some ingredients from around the globe~
Working counter~
Before I left, Dana was so sweet to let me take home their baked cheesecake!! I had a huge piece this morning and it’s not super sweet and it goes so well with coffee. I’m pretty sure my parents have eaten up the whole thing now! 
With the lovely Dana
After a whole afternoon at Grandma’s Little Bakery I felt like this place is definitely worth all the praise that I’ve been hearing from my friends who live closer to Alexandria. After my visit to their shop it made me decided to book a table and bring my mum here over the weekends to celebrate her birthday for dinner. Shall review what they have on their dinner menu the next time I go but for now I’m just going to drool over the food photos!  
Last photo before I left~
Later that day I also went to the Opening Night of the broadway musical 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrel' which was really entertaining but I shall blog about that another time! 
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