Go Grease Lightning ♪ └(★o★)┐

Last Thursday I was invited to the Grease musical opening night and since I had four tickets I decided to bring my whole family, especially my parents as they pretty much grew up during that age.
My new coach bag which friends got for my birthday!
So what is Grease all about? Well it is about the lives of an irresistible mix of adolescent angst, vibrant physicality and the 1950s pop culture.  
The cast all had amazing voices and portrayed each character very well!!
The casting list
Apparently when the film first hit Hong Kong you would see all the boys purchasing a pair of black jeans and shirt and gelling their hair up to look all “swag” and hipster. It was also when people started discoing in Hong Kong too!

Sexy and I know it! Wooo!
As for myself I first watched the Grease movie back in primary school, which is an extremely long time ago and I was also in the choir back them and one song we did sing was the well-known “Grease Lightning” song.
My brother & I 
My younger brother on the other hand had no idea what it was so he was a bit iffy about the musical thing but once the show started he really enjoyed himself and he had a vague memory of hearing the Grease Lightning song before.
It was a great night filled with laughter and fun as we thoroughly enjoyed the show as a whole family. Both my parents were humming to the songs that popped up one by one as it brought back so many memories from back in their days. I definitely wouldn’t mind watching this again with my friends!! So what are you waiting for go with your parents or friends and watch this entertaining musical. 
The pink snail matches my pink skorts!
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  1. I'm a fan of Grease too, especially the OSTs :)
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