Harajuku Gyoza & Harry's Cafe de Wheels (´∀`)

Today I headed to Harajuku Gyoza with a bunch of friends since we’re on mid-sem break and this franchise opened up not so long ago.
We got there around 12noon and it was quite empty so we could relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. The restaurant was filled with traditional colours such as black, red and gold. The also used red lanterns to light up the place and if you looked directly underneath you will see 3 different words.  
They also had really interesting designed plates laid out which were all different too! I got this funny turnip? looking one~
Anyways we all were very hungry so we order straight away! First up the Edamame beans which had salt sprinkled on top. They were really hot when they came but were really nice to munch on while waiting for our gyoza’s.
First up, our poached duck gyoza’s sprinkled in black sesame seeds. If you’re not into fried food then try the lighter option with poached gyoza instead!
Poach Duck Gyoza
Of course we had to order the grilled ones which we got in both chicken and pork. We also used the sauces provided to add an extra touch of flavor!
Top: Pork Gyoza
Bottom: Chicken Gyoza
How could we not get dessert right! So we ordered the Salted Caramel & Apple Gyoza’s with Vanilla Ice-cream. The Salted Caramel went so well with the ice-cream and was my favorite gyoza of the day!
Salted Caramel Gyoza
Apple Gyoza
I took a quick visit to the washroom and to my surprise they had the Japanese toilet seats!! The seat was so warm, which would be perfect to use during winter!!
 Before leaving I took a few photo’s around the restaurant, especially with their plates up on display! I also took a picture with the waitress, Mayumi, who was serving us for the day and my friends and I had a cute chat with her, in JAPANESE!(need to practice our skills!!).
This place is great to hand out with friends and all but don’t expect this to fill you up if you’re on the super hungry side, although if you have a small stomach then it’d probably fill you up with happiness!!
Mayumi & I
As for us, we continued our food journey to find Harry’s Café de Wheels at Wolloomooloo since a few of us were still a bit hungry, especially the guys!
So we had a nice walk all the way down to Harry’s and we all got ourselves some famous pies and hotdogs. As for me I got their famous TIGER pie and shared it since I wouldn’t have been able to finish it all myself! It was really nice!! Definitely going back to try their Hotdog de Wheels next time!!
Lining up for their pie!
Tiger Pie
After a long, hot sunny day out and about we walked all the way back to Town Hall. It was quite a busy day since the Fleet was happening, meaning more families and busier streets. By the time we reach Town Hall, we were all exhausted so we went to buy some Popsicle's. 
I went and bought the watermelon one since I’ve wanted to try it for a while now. It wasn’t all that great though. After eating my Popsicle I went straight home. 
It was a super tiring yet fun day with my lovely and crazy friends! I shall end today’s post with an Outfit of the Day photo!!
Fashion of the day051013
Romwe-  Skeleton Swag Sweater
H&M- Zip-up Skirt
Dr.Martens- Polka Dot Boots
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  1. the food look's yummie~ :3 and i love your whole outfit! you look so pretty as always :D


  2. The food were so yummy!! My tummy was stuffed when I got home hahaha~
    & Thank you Michelle!! :D I love the top because of the unique design hahaha :P


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