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Photo taken by photographer
Move officially opens to the public on the 5th Oct!!
Yesterday I was invited to the launch of Move, which is a brand new concept store which is a fusion of fashion and consumer electronics that they like to call, “fashtronics”. Move is for the brand conscious, for those who want their technology with a twist of individuality and style. 
Outfit of the night!
Li-Su accompanied me to the event and we both had an amazing time as we slowly fell in love with a few of the products at the store! We both got our name tags as we entered their store and we went straight to the first counter which displayed a few headphones. I instantly fell in love with two beautiful headphones! 
Frends Taylor Headphones

Monster Black Tear
Also, just a few counters behind I could see my loves! CAMERAS! I’m not sure if I have mentioned this on my blog yet but I am in love with all sorts of cameras, I even have a collection going on, which I shall share another time.
Heaven right behind me!
Our speaker, Michael, representing MOVE gave us further information about their store and how they would like to approach the future of this new concept.After the talk it was time to take luvo and of course check out the cool gadgets there before heading off to the next location.
Photo taken by photographer
Photo taken by photographer
We headed off to Bronte Rd to wait for the bus to pick us few social media & bloggers up. Li-Su & I decided to sit in the front and glad we did because we were the first to see the ocean view and best lightening for taking luvo’s, again!!! The location of the Move Launch party was at Pacific Bondi Beach Penthouse via. Swiss Grand Resort.
A few social media's & bloggers~
On the bus ride to the penthouse!
& behind me is the photographer of the night!
As soon as we reach the resort we were escorted to the penthouse and they had the red carpet rolled out to greet us!! While walking down the red carpet the view was breathless, it was so beautiful and was even better when we got inside the penthouse itself, I wished I could have a beach holiday right there at that moment.
Here is the red carpet~ Feeling the VIP Glam!
Amazing view as we walked along the red carpet~
Amazing Penthouse View!!
As I entered the penthouse, I was greeted by the beautiful Julia, who had invited me to this amazing event. I got myself a glass of champagne as we attended the quick Media Q &A session with Nick before testing out the headphones. 
Beautiful Julia & I 
Photo taken by photographer
Cannot miss the beach background shot!
I got to try my two loves at first sight headphones but I must say the Frends Taylor Headphones won my heart as it blocks out all the noise in the penthouse and the music is just so clear.
Photo taken by photographer
Photo taken by photographer

Can I DJ for a night?
Li-Su and I were getting hungry and that’s when we saw canapés being served, our favorite dish of the night definitely has to be the duck pancakes! They were amazing, we were both smiling like heaven was in our mouth, kind of like toriko & komatsu when they drink the century soup. I then went around hunting for more canapés and of course had small talks with a few of the people that night.
Literally our reaction after eating the duck pancakes!!
Duck Pancakes <3
Rice pops with tuna! <3
With Michael!
And can you believe it we had a few celebrities in the house that night, such as Didier Cohen! He is an actor, model and what’s even cooler is that he was our DJ for the night. Really wanted to go up and ask about getting into DJ-ing as creating a new mix of music’s that bring people together would be a fun kind of job or hobby, but he seemed busy so decided not to….and plus I guess Li-Su and I were a bit too chicken to go ask hahaha~ So maybe next time. The other celebrity was Nick Gulliver, an Australian TV Presenter. 
Photo taken by photographer
DJ Didier Cohen
Photo taken by photographer
Left: Nick Gulliver
Although I didn’t stay for the entire night as I had to rest earlier since I was to wake up early the next morning, I can definitely say this was one of the most enjoyable and amazing nights I’ve been to.
Enjoying the sunset with a SunRise~
Before the party got exciting!!
I also had many of the guests, CEO & represents of Move complimenting the dress I wore that night, which was by Laurel and Hector Vinatge. I have to thank TonyLion for arranging this dress to wear to the event, even though he couldn’t make it the event himself!! Thank you to my LionBro!! 
There were more photo's taken but by the photographer and I only got some photo's thanks to Julia, but hopefully I'll get the rest of the photo's soon and I'll post them up here on my blog or on my facebook page when I get them! 
Fashion of the day031013
Laurel and Hector Vinatge- Dress
Jeffrey Campbell- White Spike Lita's
Collete- Necklace
H&M- Thin White Belt
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  1. Oh very lovely and cute pics looks like you have a lot of fun.

  2. Thankyou~ and yes i had a really fun time there :D


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