Review: Dr.Post Snail Aquaring SOS Solution Mask

I'm finally back!! Sorry to have kept all you guys waiting for my blog updates, 90% of my uni assessments were all due in the last two weeks, meaning no spare time for me to blog! Now that I finally have a week breather I’m still packed with things this week, especially catching up with all my reviews & sponsored giveaway posts too!!
So let’s move on to the first review of October!! Can you believe we’re already one month into Spring(or maybe in your case Autumn).   
Today I will be reviewing Dr.Post Snail Aquaring SOS Solution Mask, sponsored by the lovely Constance Choo.(Constance Choo is an online facebook shop, their page is all in Chinese but they can speak English so don’t be afraid to PM them!) 
The Snail Aquaring SOS Solution mask is perfect for those with dry skin as its’ main function is moisturizing the skin.

I have to be honest; I have been neglecting my skin for a while so it’s time to start pampering it again with love!! So let’s put this baby on! 
Step 1: Gently apply the Mask Base Ampoule onto the skin until fully absorbed before using the facial mask.
Step 2: Once the ampoule is fully absorbed, use the mask sheet and leave it on for about 10-20 minutes. Remove the mask and lightly pat the remaining essence. 
Dr.Post Snail Aquaring SOS Solution Mask Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★★
After using this mask my skin looks instantly brighter and healthier. It also leaves my skin feeling super moisturized!!!

Mask material: ★★★★★
The mask has a unique weaved pattern which allows our skin to absorb the serum easily. 

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
There wasn't any specific aroma with this mask which would be perfect for those who do not like strong smelling masks. The formula of the mask base ampoule (step 1) is liquid base which allows easy application, where as the serum on the actual mask is slightly thicker.

Cost: n/a
You can purchase this mask from my awesome sponsor Constance Choo, on facebook. Their site is in Chinese but they are able to speak in English, just give them a message and they will reply within 24 hours or so. 

Overall: ★★★★★
I highly recommend this mask, especially if you have dry skin or you've been out in dry weathers!! This mask will instantly brighten your complexion and leaving it feeling soft and hydrated!! 
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