10 Homemade Beauty Remedies over the Christmas Season☆

Hello my lovelies! As you can all tell I have been inactive on my blog and youtube channel due to my final examinations, but now that I have officially ended another year of uni it’s time for the holidays! These holidays will be a bit different as I finally have one Christmas casual job confirmed! (I have applied for many others too) Woohoo!! Getting to the main topic of this blog post, Christmas is approaching fast and what better way to treat yourselves’ during this season is with some beauty treatments which anyone can make using simple ingredients from the kitchen! Here are 10 beauty remedies that the Australasian College Broadway and I have to share with you guys.
#1. Red wine is probably the only thing that gets better with age, as the older the wine the more mature and elegant the taste is. As for us young ladies, we are similar, we age elegantly and mature over the time but what all us girls really want, is to do this without the aging of our youthful skin. In this case, mixing a bit of red wine with corn flour and applying it onto your skin like a mask will rejuvenate the skin as its’ tartaric acid stimulates the development of new cells in the skins’ outer layers, which will result in you in maintaining youthful and glowing skin as well as preventing sun damage. I have also listed a few other beauty benefits of red wine:
Healthy glowing skin-contains antioxidants that protects your skin and prevent it from aging.
2 Removes tan and blemishes
Clears pores and prevents further breakouts
Treats oily and congested skin
#2. Simply placing sliced cucumbers on your eyes or your entire face can fade dark circles and freckles, reduce puffy eyes and hydrate the skin.
#3. Chamomile tea contains antioxidants, cleansing and moisturizing properties. Therefore using Chamomile tea bags under the eye reduces dark circles, eye puffiness and soothes tired eyes as it generates a cooling and calming effect. It is also able to accelerate the healing process of minor wounds and disinfect them too. If you want to lighten your skin naturally, Chamomile tea is perfect as it is an ‘all-natural’ skin bleach and it also gives a healthy glow too.
#4. Mixing warm water with oats is a great and natural exfoliating mask to use on the skin as it is very soothing, gentle and moisturizing too which makes it great for those with sensitive/dry skin. I’ve been using this remedy for quite a long time now and I must say it is one of my favorite remedies!
#5. Another natural exfoliating lotion can be made with the combination of olive oil, sea salt, kiwifruit, pineapple and sour milk as it helps to remove all dead skin cells. I have yet to try this beauty remedy out and I’ll let you know the results as soon as I have tried it out.
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I know the above recipe may seem like a lot of ingredients so here is another great exfoliator you could make with just two simple ingredients which you can purchase at your local supermarkets. 
#6. Combining crushed basil and rosemary with olive oil and gently massage it onto your face will remove dead skin cells just as effectively as the above recipe.
#7. Honey, an another amazing natural product, which can be used as a mask to lighten old or new scars, cleanse acne, soothe, hydrate and moisturize the skin, reduces wrinkles and any signs of aging and fades dark circles too! The best part is it is edible too but those with sensitive skin may want to test it out on their arm before using it as it may cause irritations.
#8. Plain yoghurt is a great moisturizing and brightening mask, especially for those with dry skin. You can also combine some honey with the yoghurt for that extra moisturizing effect!
#9. A mixture of plain yoghurt and avocado is a great anti-aging mask as well as cleanser. Avocadoes have vitamin A which helps purging off dead skin cells and protects your skin against the harsh environment.
#10. Macadamia oil, olive oil and sesame oil are all great substitutes for massage or facial oil.
Macadamia oil is a natural UV sun protector which allows the skin to tan but not burn. Using macadamia oil often will also result in softened, moisturized and even add a glow to dry or damaged skin.  It can also be used to treat dry, damaged and aging skin as it contains palmitoleic acid which has many great anti-aging compounds.
Olive oil hydrate is able to tender the skin around your eyes and soften fine lines. It is also able to hydrate, soften and nourish the skin too.
Sesame oil has antibacterial and healing properties which speeds up the healing process of wounds and also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in curing several skin conditions. It also has vitamin E and an antioxidant called Sesamol which hold back the aging process as well as preventing free radical damage to the skin. The fatty acids in sesame oil can make your skin soft and smooth which is beneficial for treating cracked heels and dry knees and elbows.
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I hope you guys enjoyed these beauty remedies I had to share with you guys and now you can start pampering yourself for the festive Christmas season! As for me it’s time to work my butt off so I can invest on my future travelling plans next year! I have so many places I want to go, Bali and Japan being one of those places. Anyways I shall sign off today’s blog with a photo of me without wearing my sunnies!
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  1. Great! I like you provided some info of how and why it works

  2. I'm glad you found it helpful!!! :D
    Let me know if you want any other beauty remedies up :P

  3. Honestly I never want to try on using food as mask, sometimes it still sounds weird to me. hahaha. However I might tried it someday, hopefully it will be a great help for my skin~
    Thanks for this post, it's really helpful :D

  4. Oats does wonders for my skin so I really love using it <3


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