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It has been a while since I last blogged and I thank all those who still continue to check up on my blog every so often *teary eyes*. As a little gift below I have a  10% Off code to use at Rings&Tings
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This has been a long delayed post but I finally had the time to get the review done and up. The amazing people from Rings & Tings have yet again sent me another parcel with two super cute and chic jewelry pieces.
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They sent me a hollow diamond pendant necklace which sits comfortably on my chest. It is incredibly light weight so you don’t feel the heaviness and it also provides you with a pop of colour to a plain and simple outfit.
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The second item I received was their crystal crown ring which is a cute little accessory to have on your fingers. The design of the ring is a crown with three crystal diamantes and is available in gold only. If you’re wearing a dress with too much going on for a necklace then wear this ring to give it a punch of cuteness to your outfit. 
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Just procrastinating so decided to do a quick blog entry before I get into my study-mojo mode! My first exam is finally one sleep away so more blogging and vlogging after they are over!! I have so many makeup tutorials to film and maybe a giveaway too!! Stay updated with me via. Instagram to see what I get up to!
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  1. sena-chan!! the crown ring is suuuuper adorable! love it a lot <3 cant wait for your makeup tutorials ^^

  2. arigatou misa chan~~!! <3
    Yes!! I shall hopefully get some tutorials up soon!! ><"!

  3. The ring look's awesome :) and that pink lipstick suits you alot, make's you really more pretty <3

    I invite you to join my October "giveaway" which is open international!


  4. Naww thanks michelle~~!! <3
    & yes I shall enter your giveaway, thanks for letting me know :D


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