Halloween with Australasian College! (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)

Last night I attended the Australasian College’s Halloween Competition Event with two of my friends. This event was where both makeup artists and hair stylists got together to create different Halloween looks depending on what theme they were given. The themes are given out at random and each team had under half a day to create the looks before the official catwalk show. There were four themes, which were the Freak Show, Creepers of the Night, Evil Doll House and the Living Dead. 
As my friends and I were waiting at the front door I took more photos at the reception area as the renovation has been completed and I must say it is looking spectacular! Now that they have all their mirrors up I have taken advantage of taking heaps of mirror shots!
New hair salon area~
Mirrors everywhere!!
Can you spot my friend ;)
We were then lead into the catwalk room where there were already a few family and friends who had gathered to watch the show.
Dr Evil & Skinnyme!
I wasn’t the only blogger there that night and it was really nice to meet other beauty bloggers. Some were nail polish blogger and a few lifestyle and beauty bloggers. We were taken to our black high chair VIP looking seats but we moved to front row seats so that we could snap better photos and of course I wanted to film some snippets from the catwalk for you guys, especially if you’re not in Sydney you can experience the Halloween event with me too! 

The Winners: Creepers of the Night
After the show of course it was time for us to mingle with our organizers & the other amazing bloggers! Before I left the event I took some photos with all the lovely organizers, beautiful blogger Little Miss SCB & the Evil Doll House group of models.
With the Evil Doll House Group!

With the Amazing Kelly!
With cutie Little Miss SCB: Sunshine~

(how cute is this pumpkin tamagochi!)
With beautiful Layla & Michelle~ <3
& lucky last of them all, with Sharon!

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I hope everyone had a creepy yet fun Halloween & sorry I got extremely busy with uni work which is why there was no Halloween makeup tutorial! But I shall start prepping up for next year!!
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