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To all my Sydneysider's who enjoy eating at Mappen & Oiden I have good news for you! Mappen has now open its' third sister shop called DogDog Japan. As you can probably guess they are selling hotdog's Japanese style~ 
DogDog Japan Ratings:

DogDog Japan is just across Menya Oiden which is located inside Skyview Shopping Plaza on George Street. The entrance to this plaza is the glass doors next to Pepper Lunch!!

They have quite a lot of hot dogs to choose from and different sizes too. If you're vegetarian they offer a vegetarian menu too!! They also have quite a few preserved fruit drinks too!!

The prices are super reasonable in my opinion!!

I would recommend this place if you're a fan of hot dogs with a bit of a Japanese twist. 
Here's a few more pictures before the review begins~
Took a picture of the seating area when everyone had finished their hot dogs before another bunch of people came and sat down~
Their grand opening flowers~~
  I ordered two hot dogs and one box of hot chips. 
Just looking at the picture is making me drool and crave for some now!!
Karaage Chicken Hotdog Ratings:

I really loved how the chicken was succulent and juicy. The sauces went very well and they also used real mustard seeds too. I would say if they use the same buns as Snag Stand Haute Dog's then this would be even more AMAZING!!

This hot dog cost AUD$6.90, for a regular size, which I would say is reasonable as Snag Stand is about $10 on average for a hot dog there. 

Highly recommend this hot dog if you love eating kaarage chicken!!
Hamburg Hotdog Ratings:

This was packed with the juicy beef flavor and instantly melted in my mouth!!! It was super delicious! 

Again this one was AUD$6.90, for a regular size~

If you enjoy eating hamburg like I do then definitely give this hot dog a try!
Wasabi Mayo Chips Ratings:

The chips were very ordinary and the sauce well anyone can mix it up but since it was my friends' first time trying it he loved it!

I don't think the hot chips are really worth it as this one cost AUD$5.50......~

If you have never tried the wasabi mayo combination before definitely give it a try though not sure you'd be all too happy with the price~ 
Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I have been super busy with my assignments and final exams coming and also an unfortunate event but I'll try and keep this blog updated every once in a while!! PROMISE!!
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  1. So delicious meals :33 (sure!) Great review btw :)

    Mickey //

  2. This hot dogs looks really tasty i want to eat them now hha :D


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