Review: Etude House Pocket Bunny Moist Mist ✪

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Not only is tomorrow the first day of December but it is also the first day of the summer season (for me and any other reader who lives on the bottom half of earth). 
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As you know I have been busy with my job and I really do enjoy working with my team and of course the jolliness of Christmas by helping around with the Santa Photography. Last weekend was more chill and easy but this weekend it has started to get busier and slightly messier as both the parents and children’s get frustrated and annoyed with the wait, photography errors, payment errors, etc. Overall I think I have a pretty fun job though~
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Anyway moving onto the main purpose of this blog post, finally a review entry! This time I’ll be reviewing Etude’s House Pocket Bunny Moist Mist.
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Etude House, Pocket Bunny Moist Mist Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★
I love using this mist especially when the weather is starting to get hotter and humid here in Australia.

Packaging: ★★★★
As you can see the packaging is super cute as it is in a bunny shape. It is also small, compactable and light so it makes it incredibly easy to take out on-the-go with you. It also comes with a push nozzle which makes it very hygienic. 

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★
It has a sweet floral scent which reminds me of a garden tea party.

Cost: ★★★★
I bought this mist at around AUD$5-6 as I got it during a sale but you can easily find them on eBay for about AUD$7-8.

Overall: ★★★★
Definitely recommend this mist if your skin get dehydrated quite easily and it is also perfect for the upcoming summer too! It’s quite affordable and you can purchase these almost anywhere online. This mist also has an oil-control function one at the same price. 
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Anyways time for me to set my alarm and head to bed~ Had an exhausting day at work but I want to know what you guys got planned out for this Christmas & New Years??
Any plans on going anywhere for the holidays??
Let me know by commenting below :D
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  1. Never tried a mist from Etude, but this one has a lot of cuteness!

  2. Should give it a go. It really freshen's me up in the morning :D


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