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There is exactly 10 days till Christmas and I’m going to try and I’m going to challenge myself to write up blog posts for the next 10 days. So today I will be sharing with you guys a place I went to on Friday night with my parents for dinner as we felt like we needed a reward after a tiring day working out butts off.
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Originally we were going to head to Neutral Bay for some Japanese food at this restaurant called Kai until we reached there and found out that the shop had closed down and now was replaced with a tapas restaurant instead….so that’s when my mum picked up her phone and called her friend to ask about the place that they were talking about earlier, an all-you-can-eat Japanese seafood restaurant in Glebe.
So again we set off to Glebe to hunt this place down and eventually found both parking and the restaurant. The restaurant was called Mori Japanese Seafood Restaurant and is located along Glebe Point Rd.
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We sat ourselves down while the waitress brought us the menus, but we already knew what we were going to have and decided on the all-you-can-eat which has so much food to offer such as hot pot, tempura, sushi, etc.
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That night we ordered everything that my mum’s friend had recommended us to try which was their kimchi beef hotpot and prawn tempuras. Mum couldn’t stop ordering their tempuras that night! Even the last bite of the night was the prawn tempuras! I really enjoyed their seafood hotpot (YES! We got two hotpots that night!). It was amazing as it is packed with generous amounts of seafood such as prawns and salmon head! I love eating salmon head in hotpots as it’s one of my favorite ways to eat them.
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Sapporo beer- was actually quite nice~ Not as bitter as western beer
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Sashimi salad 
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Prawn Tempura
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Kimchi Beef Hotpot
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Kimchi octopus
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Salmon Aburi- literally melts into  my mouth!!
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Soft shell crab roll- Mmmm~ so crunchy
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Seafood Hotpot
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Seasfood Hotpot- see what I mean by the generous amounts of seafood!
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Dragon Roll
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Overall I had a pleasant night at Mori Japanese Seafood restaurant and I ended the night by trying out their hot green tea latte, as I had a sudden crave for it. The service that night was really good, we had a fun time chatting with the waiter (who I forgot to ask his name) as he was interested in my new camera and also asked if we enjoyed the meal and all. Such a friendly service they have here and I definitely recommend this place to all my readers that reside in Sydney or coming to visit Sydney!
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Mori Japanese Seafood Restaurant Ratings:

Location: ★★★★
It is located on the busy street of Glebe and is easily accessible by bus but can be a bit of a trouble to get to if you cannot drive or if you don’t know the buses well. 
175 Glebe Point Rd,
2037, NSW

Menu: ★★★★★
As mentioned above they have a wide range of food to choose from such as bento’s, main dishes, sushi rolls and hotpot too!!
Price: ★★★★★
The prices are super reasonable in my opinion!!

Overall: ★★★★★
Highly recommend this place, especially if you live around the city as it’s pretty easy to get too. 
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Green Tea Latte
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The friendliest staff!! :D
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I had a super tiring yet fun day at work, even though it was the busiest day so far this week. I guess working with the funnest work mates is what makes time go by faster~ Anyways off to bed as I have an early start tomorrow morning! 
Good night! 
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Loving my Lily sandals <3 Perfect for summer!!
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