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Ericdress is an online boutique which sells trendy and fashionable clothing’s which are for all occasions, such as weddings, formals, cocktail parties or even just a casual day out. They also offer custom-make to their customers which many customers from the past have enjoyed. Buyers all over the world have been purchasing from ericdress.com due to their low prices that they offer and everything is paid using Paypal meaning we are guaranteed with the consumer act.
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Here are a few favorites from the Wedding dress 2014 category (http://www.ericdress.com/list/Online-Wedding-Dresses-2014-102483/). I think if I got engaged I would definitely purchase the incredible fancy and big dresses for pre-wedding photo shoots whereas compared to on the day I would definitely tone down and wear something much simpler. Here’s a few that I would purchase for both occasions.  
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Sexy Sweetheart Neckline Lace Asymmetry Wedding Dress
This dress is very simple yet elegant with the use of lace on the hem of the dress. Even if I wasn’t the bride on the day I would definitely wear this dress out to a lovely dinner with friends or even to a formal.
Gorgeous A-line Chapel Train Wedding Dress
This dress is incredible beautiful as it’s just such simple design yet it brings out the glow of a bride. The A-line shape of this dress is perfect as it can make you look slimmer even in white, meaning you can stuff your face at the banquet without showing a bloated stomach.
Flower Sash Ball Gown Sweetheart Wedding Dress
I wouldn’t mind wearing this to my wedding but I think it’d be a bit of a hassle for my bridesmaid to pick the dress up all the time so I would most likely wear this for the pre-wedding photo shoot as I love big dresses or dresses with a long train. It makes me feel like a princess and I can be dramatic in the shoots too. 
Only 5 days till Christmas and yesterday was one of the busiest days at work. I guess it’s because most schools finished on the Wednesday and it was also Thursday yesterday, meaning the last night shopping night before Christmas. Luckily I had a morning shift so I didn’t have a crazy intense morning and afterwards had lunch with my workmates, movies then chilled at Town Hall as we listened to the live music that night. It was a beautiful night as the sky was filled with stars and the moon shone brightly~
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