6 Days Till Christmas | Exploring Pyrmont \(^ω^\)

Chilling at Pyrmont Bay Park
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Yesterday was my day off from work so I decided to meet up with a friend for lunch before the advanced screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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We had lunch at Chat Thai in Westfield then took a long stroll around Pyrmont Bay and we found a gorgeous place to chill as well as a few cafes, small restaurants and boutiques.  
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We decided to take a break from all our walking and tried the coffee out at the Zebra Lounge, where I did want to sit on the zebra printed sofas but they were starting to close up the café we had to seat on the plain wooden table and chairs, which was alright in the end as we got a beautiful view of the sea. 
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Blob Family by angelishi
Breathtaking view~
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A few minutes after we sat down I saw a lady wearing a zebra print dress….so I had to take a snapshot of that while she walked off into the café next door. I was super jealous of the people who just lived around the corner in the villa-looking apartments and penthouses! 
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I went to take a picture of the entrance of the place a real estate was already posing to be in the shot! It was a really funny moment so I had to share this here with you guys too.
Shot taken by my friend as I was reading the menu~
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Artsy shot of my Burberry sunnies
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My friend and I ordered an affogato each and boy was the coffee shot strong! Compared to the one at HanaHana, the Zebra Lounge’s affogato had a very strong bitter coffee taste, meaning it was a pure straight shot of coffee, even the ice-cream didn’t sweeten it up that much but overall was a good coffee.
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As time went by we finished our coffee and did more exploring as we headed back to the busy side of the city for the advance screening movie session held by Nuffnang.
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We got to the cinema’s around 10 minutes to 6:30pm and the cinema was quite packed with people but we managed to get a good seat to enjoy the movie. There was a good balance between humor and sentimental views from the movie which made it enjoyable to watch. I loved the ending where life is presented in a very beautiful moment. So guys when the movie comes out I recommend watching it! It’s just a bundle of joy to watch!
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I hope everyone is having a great morning and now I need to get ready for work so stay tuned in for the last 5 days of Xmas blog posts.
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