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Good morning guys, only 7 days till Christmas and this morning I wanted to give a shout out to one of my friend who happens to be a blogger herself and say Happy Birthday Happily LingFish!
♥ Happily LingFish ♥ striving for progress not perfection
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Who is Happily Lingfish?
Happily LingFish is a pharmacy student who blogs about makeup, fashion, latest trends, eateries and pretty much anything she can find to blog about. She also has a kpop-related blog which she started way back in 2008/9 (when I started blogging too!) which you can check it out >here< if you’re the kpop fan yourself.
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LingFish and I became friends through volunteering at last year’s SMASH! Maid Café, 2012. Our spontaneous, crazy minds and similar interest brought us closer to become what we are now……super-duper crazy full-time dreamers!
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LingFish turns 22 today and as the hard worker she is with two Christmas jobs she doesn’t have any time to celebrate with friends on this special day and so this little shout-out is for her. We also made plans to go on a relaxation vacation together in mid-February which is one of the reasons why we’re working hard to save up the money. Happy Birthday Lingfish and our relaxation vacation await us!
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If you’re interested in what lingfish gets up to follow her facebook page and instagram for your daily dose. Just going to share with you guys her latest shoot with YoungTae. 
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I'm going to get ready to head out for brunch with friends then to the advance screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". 
Have a beautiful morning guys!!!
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    I SHALL SEE YOU SOON HOPEFULLY! cant wait til Bali! mwamwa xxoo


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