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Commission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyyCommission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyy
Hello everyone, I’m back from work and there is now only 9 days till Christmas!! Today I will be sharing with you guys a cute hair style that suits both short and long hair! It is a super easy and fun way to give your hair some texture and it’s great during any season throughout the year. 
Free Icon: Togepi! by Imouto-Thi
Here are some tips that the Australasian College Broadway has put together to achieve effortless looking waves like Olivia Wilde. Now, in my case I didn’t have all the products mentioned by the Australasian College Broadway so I had to improvise with what I had on me.
Little Fox Icon by Trillo-Lillo
1. Start by applying Start by applying a styling product such as DeLorenzo’s ‘Seaswell’ to clean and damp hair. Once applied, massage the product into your hair and rough dry the hair using your fingers to add texture.
Bow with Jewels by socksyy
2. Next, section your hair into four sections: top, both sides and the back. Starting at the nape area, wrap sections of hair around a large Cloud Nine curling iron.
curl away~
Pastel Bow w/ Heart Dangle by socksyy
3. Once all sections are complete, use your fingers to separate the waves and sweep your fringe to the side.
Just tossing my curls~
Bow with Jewels by socksyy
4. Complete the look by spraying your hair with DeLorenzo’s ‘Vapour Mist,’ a light spray to provide additional hold.
Using Liese hair mist~
Pastel Bow w/ Heart Dangle by socksyy

I hope you guys found this hair tutorial super easy and let me know if you try this look too by commenting below! I’ve had a super busy day and I need to buy a few Christmas presents tomorrow before I head off to work. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be able to film my recent haul so I can get that up for you guys soon! 
Thank you by haseprabio
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