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All the goodies mum got from her customers!
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Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas is finally here and this morning I woke up to many text messages from my lovely friends. So of course I had to send the love back to my dear friends by sending a personalized text to each and every one of them. I then started to get ready for my mum’s friend’s Christmas & House warming party. Since it was a going to be a BBQ, even though it’s drizzling today, I decided to dress up in something easy for me to move around in and went with my new Saints + Secrets Botanica Tee Dress. 
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The flora and bird prints as well as the colours used reflect the summery and festive season and as it is a tee dress design. As for accessories I wore my favorite bejeweled winged earrings and I felt I need a bit more bling to my look so I asked dad for my 21st birthday presents, a diamond ring and necklace (which I never got around to share). I paired this look with a simple and clean makeup look, with a light bronze eye makeup and a bright orange-red lipstick. I’m soon to head out with the family so I shall update this blog entry soon.
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My brother and I
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Just got back from the Christmas party and I already took two naps during the car ride there and back. I must have been exhausted from working every day and all. Anyways it was a great time to catch up with old childhood friends that we use to hang with as a kid back in the days and seeing all the aunties and uncles again. We started eating from 12:30pm till around 4:30pm nonstop so my belly is now stuffed like a stuffed turkey. Here are photo’s to tell the rest of the day for me:
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Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas with either your friends or family and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Tomorrow will be a very eventful day for me as it is that time of the year where my mum and I head out for the Boxing Day Sales! Going to be a tiring yet hopefully fulfilled shopping day and then at night time to hang with my friends.
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