Review: ITALY Bema Bio Anti Cellulite Kit Intensive Treatment ❤

ITALY Bema Bio Anti Cellulite Kit Intensive Treatment❤
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Bema bio body 2 week intensive anti cellulite treatment helps eliminate excess fluids naturally and reactivates and improves micro-circulation due to the active ingredients used in this treatment. 
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The are many benefits from using Bema Bio Anti Cellulite Intensive Treatment Kit. These benefits include: 
►burns fat
►assures centimeter reduction
►assures increase in skin tone
►assures reduction of orange peel appearance
►fights cellulite
►reshapes body
►eliminates excess fluids
►reactivates micro-circulation

The ingredients of this intensive anti cellulite treatment includes: 

►Capsicum (Heat-Activated Lotion) is a selected extract with a heating effect, particularly suitable for heated massages, is a powerful local stimulant. It has a stimulant and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce skin swelling.

►Chondrus Crispus (Draining Cream) is red algae that grow in the temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It helps in reducing skin water content and achieves a good balance of fluids and hydration thus it detoxifies the skin and as a result it firms and tones it. This ingredient also has an indirect effect on cellulite and fat deposits due to its ability to reactivate skin microcirculation.

►Kaolin (Mud Cream) Kaolin is white clay, used for its balancing and demineralizing properties and its ability to absorb excess fluids.
Vial of Heat-Activated Lotion
250ml of White Mud Cream
Pair of Bemapants
150ml of Firming Cream
Bema Bio Anti Cellulite Kit Intensive Treatment Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★★
During the process of "baking" your legs the product slowly heats up as if it's burning the cellulite off. 

Mask material: ★★★★★
The leg mask is a plain plastic sheet and suits all body shapes and sizes.  

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
The serum smells like cocoa butter and is super easy to apply evenly onto my thigh's. I thought the mud cream would be somewhat like a clay mask but it turned out to be a thick cream-based cream but was easy to apply onto the legs and was easily absorbed.   

Cost: n/a
You can purchase this mask from my awesome sponsor Constance Choo, on facebook. Their site is in Chinese but they are able to speak in English, just give them a message and they will reply within 24 hours or so. 

Overall: ★★★★★
After the first time using the intensive treatment I saw instant results that my thighs look slimmer, tone and healthier. I highly recommend this product if you need want to slim quickly for a photo-shoot which shows a lot of leg, but remember the effect is not permanent. 

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