Summer day at O-week (≧∇≦)/

Stephanie & I just being US!
Who went out today?? I did because it just so happens to be O-week for a few uni's,(such as UNSW, , USYD, UTS MACQ, etc.). I actually had an appointment with my dear friend Stephanie as i would be her personal tour guide to all the things she must get done before uni starts! O-week, meaning orientation week is full of fun and entertainment, also chances to meet new friends on the spot and of course, to get to know your uni better! I  was actually running a bit late since i was helping my mum in the morning but we didn't miss anything amazing, thank goodness! As we were passing by the commonwealth bank booth, i think a first year? girl was super excited as she asked if i was "that" blogger and i was like yes i am! If you're reading this now i regret not getting your name and a photo with you!!! I loved your reaction and thanks for reading my blog, hope you keep supporting and i shall hopefully see you around uni again sometime. 
So first off we started to get the important stuff done first such as getting my Stephanie's uni ID whereas i had to renew mine, getting a dairy & academic calender from ARC, because it keeps me much more organised! then after that it was time to grab all the freebies possible, play as many games and lucky draws we could find! I have a whole bag of stuff which half of them i don't remember grabbing. We also went into the photo booths too, jammed to the music and being a nice friend, i helped out with my friend society group promotions where we went around handing out flyers~ Did you catch me?
within the crowd!
finally got out~
I think my favorite freebie would definitely have to be the red glasses i got from the ACCSOC. guys Thankyou i love them haha! I was definitely not expecting the weather to be so hot since it did say cloudy/possible showers....thank goodness i went with shorts today otherwise i would have melted wearing jeans!
Jurassic Park jumping castle!
yes i went on it!!
i feel like a kid again!! woohoo!!
made them myself!!!!
Okay so for all those who are now interested in o-week, why go to o-week?
Well first of all there is the FREEBIES! free drinks, snacks, FOOD, prizes, gifts, coupons, vouchers, etc. everywhere you go! 
There's tonne of games and entertainment to be found and most of the society groups are working hard to get your attention to join their groups as it will bring many new friends, fun and laughter. So basically you can make new friends instantly through those bonds, especially if you joined the tour guides, they will be very helpful. If you joined your faculty's peer mentoring/support groups are even better!! I did the program when i was in first year because i thought it would be good to learn more, such as where everything is around the uni and also meeting people in the same faculty as me! Many who are now good friends of mine!
some star wars prizes~
lunch for the day
So it pretty much summed up what i did today but guess what! The fun doesn't stop there, o-week runs for the rest of the entire weekdays so definitely go visit even if you are not going to that uni or not even a uni student just yet, it'd be a great experience and the lucky draws have fabulous prizes. I witnessed someone winning the boombox at the commonwealth wheel of fortune!!! Although i didn't win any grand prize or anything i did win one thing today! I won the favorite book lucky draw where my prize was a bookshop voucher!! YES!! Better than i nothing i say because textbooks can be very expensive!! 
From my wonderful friend who brought them back from Indonesia!!
This year has been one of the best o-weeks i've ever attended so I will be going to o-week again sometime this week so see if you can catch me there! If you do see me don't be afraid to say hi or take a photo with me, i honestly don't bite and i'm happy to meet you guys too :)
Ending the post with a picture of me & my lovely red glasses 
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Detox with a daily Honey Lemon Mask ヾ(^∇^)

With uni coming up soon i need to get my skin prepared for the harsher environment compared to the moments i've been spending during the holidays.
What better way than to open a mask and enjoy a nice relaxing day at home reading or watching my favorite movie. Here i decided to use VOV, Daily Fresh Wash Off Pack Honey Lemon
Once i open the packet i squeeze out the honey-like serum and apply it generously to my entire face and neck. Because there was so much serum i decided to use it on my hands too.

Effects: ★★★★★
After using the mask my skin feels softer and also looks brighter.

Mask material: ★★★★★
Not like your usual facial mask it comes with the honey-like serum which is enough to use two times.  It can be a bit hard to wash off the serum after using it.

Formula/Aroma: ★★★
The honey-like formula is super easy to apply all over your face and in this case i used it on my hands too. It smells quite delightful. 

Cost: ★★★★
This mask cost US$1.30 which i find very cheap for a great mask which you can use twice, though i recommend using it in consecutive days. 

Overall: ★★★★★
Really enjoy this mask even though they may be a bit hard to wash off. The smell is quite relaxing and it's great for a daily use. Highly recommend to all skin-types!

One resolution of the year that i'm going to build on is bringing more life to my blog so it'd be more enjoyable to read for everyone! Daily beauty and fun will be coming up more on this blog so definitely keep an eye out for that!!
Also recently i'm thinking should i dye my entire hair to pastel/baby pink~ HMM!!?
Let me know what you guys think~
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February Vivid Pink Nails(*/∇\*)

 February, the last month of summer and also the month where we celebrate Valentines Day.
This Valentines Day, as you know, i had a mini haul where i had purchased a new nail lacquer by 3 Concept Eyes or 3CE for short. 

3CE, PK11 Vivid Hot Pink Ratings:

Colour: ★★★
The colour is amazing! It is a lovely hot pink shade which reminds me of Barbie! It's a fun and quirky shade to have on your nails especially on Valentines Day. 

Formula: ★★★
The formula is beautiful!!! It dries quite quickly applying me to apply a second coat thinly. With one coat i already get the nicest shade ever and you don't really need a second coat but i did in this case. The formula's pigment is amazing!!! I love it!

Packaging: ★★★
Simple packaging but i think it's kind of cute. Something about it just draws my attention to it.

Price: ★★★★★ 
I got this instores at AUD$7.95, which is very cheap in my opinion as many branded and GOOD ones here in Australia usually start from AUD$20. This is a super cheap and super amazing nail lacquer!!

All i can say is.....I LOVE 3CE NAIL LACQUER!! Simply heavenly i tell you!! They have many other bright colours too and they also have a few glitter ones. Definitely will be purchasing more in the future!!

So semester 1 is almost here and i'm just lazying around at home thinking what to blog about next. I've been quite lazy but now i must get both my habits and body fit for uni once again! 
I shall be sharing my diet/fitness tips soon! Hope everyone had a wonderful summer (for northern hemi. people winter) holidays and now let's get fit together!!! Leave me comments to say hi i'm feeling quite alone without anyone to talk to when i'm at home all by myself.

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☆ あいり のInt.GIVEAWAY

Stumbling across another cute blogger and she is having a Etude House International Giveaway! There is about 5 hours left before the giveaway ends so why not enter now so you don't miss out on this chance as well !!
Recently i haven't been getting many comments so i'm feeling quite unloved so bring a smile to my face even if it's just to say hi :) and don't be afraid to talk to me via. commenting or e-mailing~ I DON'T BITE!
Anyways continue to scroll down for my latest blog entry, 
Mad Hatter's Tea Party High Tea!!

\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
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Off to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Last last Friday (8th Feb) my childhood friend Stephanie and I stayed over at The Star for a few days and we decided to go out for High Tea. We actually planned to go out wearing the Lolita fashion and so we bought the dress beforehand as Steph was in America during January. 
We headed off to Westin Hotel for their afternoon tea high tea sets. We picked the Mad Hatter Tea party set since we did have an Alice in Wonderland vibe. Their afternoon tea starts at 12noon-6pm and reservations are essential! With our Mad Tea Party high tea set ($45/person) we got to have bottomless cups of coffee and tea, meaning we could order every single tea and coffee from the menu (this is what the guy serving us said!). 
Silver needle & lychee tea
Our high tea set came! It was set on a two tier, with both savory and sweet foods. Of course we ate the savory first.  
The savory level had salad (The Caterpillar), Crab meat sandwich Alice) and two of the roast beef w/asparagus (Tweedledee & Tweedledum).
The sweet level had a rich chocolate cake (Mad Hatter's hat), blueberry macaroon (White Rabbit's pocket watch) and raspberry cake (Queen of Hearts).

Of course when you think of high tea you cannot miss out on the scones! They came out later when we asked for them since they will get cold and hard if we got them out of the oven earlier together with the high tea set. They had the traditional strawberry and cream but they also gave us their raspberry jam too. I prefer the traditional strawberry jam better though. 
So after spending quality time with my dear childhood friend there enjoying all the tea's we could consume we headed out for some shopping around the city! 
Overall Mad Hatter's high tea experience was really nice and fun since we dressed up for it, but the food i will say wasn't super amazing or anything. I would prefer The Tea Room's high tea as their food is quite lovely and a major big bonus goes to the glassware they use! They use my favorite brand Royal Albert's traditional country rose which makes everything look so much more prettier and cuter! Next time Lolita high tea at The Tea Room!

If any of you guys are interested in the lolita dresses we are wearing, we are selling them off since we have eye's for another lolita dress for our next adventures! Of course we will be selling them cheaper than what we got it for since they are now considered second-hand for you guys, but they are both in PERFECT, BRAND NEW-LIKE conditions! If you are interested just drop me an e-mail at
" "
We are selling these TWO lovely dresses!! 
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Happy St Valentines Day(´ω`♡%

Happy Valentines Dayヽ(♡o♡)丿
So yesterday was St Valentines Day, meaning all the couples express their love freely, publicly, with chocolates, roses, cards and maybe even gifts. As for me i met up with the boyfriend where we just had a more casual kind of Valentines. We wore our couple shirts and i decided to wear matching shoes as i know how much the boyfriend loves to wear his timberland's.
My mini haul
I wasn't in a relationship my entire life and only started dating in my last year of high school so i've been single for about 17 years meaning 17 years of FOREVER ALONE DAYS whenever Valentines Days approached, but that didn't stop some of the fellas giving me flowers and chocolates (which i'll leave this story for another time). So for all those who were single on St Valentines fess not with all the couples being all lovey dovey because you guys can enjoy that day too. 
For the ladies why not go out shopping with any of your single girl friends and make the most of it with catch up sessions at a cafe. Head to a spa or massage but if you cannot afford this then stay at home and soak into a bubble bath, read a book, watch cartoons (works for me!!!), do a facial mask because you can make yourself feel beautiful even at home!
As for the fella's i may not be an expert to find something for you guys to do but observing my brothers...well i say continue playing your computer games, or maybe even go for a change and read a book, cook, clean your room, etc. These changes may attract your future MISSUS ;) 
Valentines Dinner with the family
Now last year i spent Valentines in Hong Kong with the family so i wasn't able to celebrate it with the boyfriend. This year i also spent half my Valentines with my family. Actually it was mum who just wanted to go out for dinner after a tiring day at work. We were going to go for Japanese at Neutral Bay but....well my mum just drove straight ahead and went straight into the city so changes of plan were made on the spot. We went for thai food at HOME restaurant and the lucky thing was that we manage to find a parking right in front of the restaurant!! Anyways the dinner was fantastic last night because our number was called instantly the food was really good today, like the pork dish was very crispy, the pork neck was well marinated, everything was just going so well with today. They also gave us heart shape chocolates when we paid the bill, personally me and mum don't like eating milk chocolate too much because it gets too sweet so eating half is usually our max. but the heart shape one they gave us wasn't super sweet so we manage to eat the whole thing. Just before we crossed the Harbour Bridge there was the 9 o'clock firework display over the harbor. I think it was the perfect way to end Valentines Day.
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Early Valentines(^O^☆♪

Hello there everyone, so this is not your usual blog entry you'd get from me as i'm just here to drop by a early Valentines message. Since Valentines Day is tomorrow and i haven't been able to film anything for the occasion i'm just going to share a few corny Valentines message featuring Harry Potter!

The winner for the giveaway shall be announced over the weekends so keep an eye out for it!! On another note i got an early Valentines gift from Dell's representative. I got a new XPS12! Not only is it a laptop but can be transformed into a tablet too! 
Looking forward to using this baby! A wonderful start to begin my 2013 uni life this year. 
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Happy Chinese New Years ┗(^0^)┓

Somme of you may know that yesterday was Chinese New Years and being Chinese myself there's a few thing we do during those times. Last year i celebrated CNY in Hong Kong where i had the family gathering for the family dinner at The Peninsula Hotel. We had a very filling meal that when it came to desserts i was so full but i had to chew down on the Glutinous rice ball more commonly known as 湯圓 (tang yuan) because it's for luck. 
Twinning with my younger brother~~!
This year i was in Australia to celebrate CNY Eve & CNY. As a kid i would remember going to my auntie's place for dinner on CNY Eve, where a few family friends would gather and enjoy the atmosphere and fun of the night before visiting the temples in Glebe. All of this came to a stop once i was in year 8 or so. Since then we've just been having our own family dinner at home before heading out to the temple. 
Chinese New Years Eve Dinner
But this year my auntie decided to have a smaller gathering at her place which brought back so many good memories. Even though it was pretty much just my family and my cousin's family we had so much fun talking and catching up. After dinner we didn't go to the temples at Glebe dad isn't in Aussie with us so we have no idea how to get there by ourselves so we decided to skip out on it.
Dressing up in red
Chinese New Years Day never changes, my family will always go visit the temples on this day to pay our respects to not only my grandparents but also the Chinese Gods. We decided to meet up with my uncle's family and BOY! was that day super hot and sunny!!! So i'm a bit traditional in this case and i wore my new red dress which i had bought last year but never got the chance to wear. First thing we did when we got to the temples was go for FOOD!!It is a must for me!! Afterwards we went around paying our respects to the Gods as well as my mother's side grandparents.
Once we finished up there we headed back home but decided to stop by for some mini-grocery shopping and a coffee & cake break too!
Once we got home my mum got straight to preparing the CNY dinner.
Our dinner was nothing big or fancy but we did have some Peach Sake to make our night!
Chinese New Years Dinner with the family!
Oh and how can i forget the red pockets which brings me to the topic of me missing being a kid again during the Chinese New Years time because i remember getting so much more RED POCKETS compared to nowadays. Oh wells guess it's better than nothing, embracing the years i have of being unmarried yet!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Years! Even if you are not Chinese just join in on the fun by going to a Chinese restaurant with your friends or family!! I know i enjoyed Chinese New Years with my family! 
On another note my international giveaway had ended last night and i shall be announcing the winners soon enough as i have been super busy lately! Thanks for being patient!!
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Review: GEO Tri-tone Grey Circle Lens Σ(▼□▼メ)

Hello there everyone! I've been away staying at The Star for the past 2 weeks (coming and going) so i haven't had time to blog properly but i'm finally getting my February blog entries up now! I'm back with my first colour contact review of the year, which i wore on the Tuesday as i went high tea-iing with my dear friend, Stephanie.
A lot of you guys will realize i do not take many photo's of me wearing contact lenses, truth is i just had this huge fear of them the whole of last year or to be exact ever since my last trip to Hong Kong, due to the fake contacts controversy. So i've been slowly trying to break down that wall of fear where i wore contacts for a few hours but on the Tuesday i was able to wear them the whole day without feeling scared of them anymore! So there will be many more colour contact reviews to come this year!!
I started off this year with a pair of GEO's tri-tone in grey. I really love GEO's tri-tone series as they give they are the most natural-looking for a daily basis. 
GEO Tri-tone Grey Ratings:

Comfort: ★★ 
GEO tri-tone's seem to be the thinnest colour lenses that i've tried on so far and i love them!

Colour: ★
The colour is super natural looking and it doesn't look very fake and weird at all! But if you are after a more dolly-effect then there are many other brands and designs that could be better.

Enlargement: ★★★★
These are 14.0mm which sound small but since i'm slowly breaking my wall of fear these are the perfect size for me to get back into them. Also if you are new to wearing colour contacts it is best to start off with a smaller diameter so your eyes can get use to them slowly.

Overall: ★★★★
Highly recommend these contacts if you want something on the natural side and they are super comfortable to wear as they are quite thin. These lenses give my eyes a mysterious dolly-glow. Super love!

I shall be blogging about the High Tea session with my friend soon! On another note tomorrow is Chinese New Years Eve!! Those who celebrate it, how will you be spending your Chinese New Years Eve? I will be having dinner at my auntie's place and it's been a very long time since we have done so. We use to go to her place every year since my earliest childhood memory but we stopped going (i think when i was in high school), which i found quite saddening, but now that we will be spending our CNY Eve there this year makes me really excited to see my cousins and old friend again!! And hopefully receive many RED POCKETS!!!!!!! 
I shall try and vlog while i'm there! 
Have you guys entered my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY yet??
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