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Have you ever thought back to when you were sweet sixteen? I wonder why they even call it your sweet sixteen? Well I just so happened to look it up and it’s apparently a coming of age party celebrating a girl’s sixteenth birthday in North America, especially in the US and Canada. I don’t remember much from my own sixteenth birthday but here are a few sweet sixteen inspired dresses from the online boutique EricDress. They ship all around the world so all you girls looking for a beautiful sweet sixteen dress to celebrate your sixteenth birthday then this is the place to shop. Even if you’re not sixteen you can find these dresses suitable for proms too.  [ ]
Heart Balloon by MissLadyMinx
Brilliant A-Line Scoop Mini-Length Appliques Prom Dress 3
Asymmetrical A-line Prom Dress
This dress is super cute and I love how it portrays an elegant yet young feel, perfect for dinner dates. I’d probably purchase this dress myself once I have found myself a job. It’s quite a beautiful dress and I love the asymmetry of the dress length. Besides the dress length, the use of mesh and having crochet flowers give it that sweet girly touch to it.
Pichu Pokeball by Mini-Umbrella
Lovely A-line Sweetheart Mini/Short Cocktail/Homecoming Dress 2
Sweetheart A-line Cocktail Dress
If you want a more graceful and girly look I recommend this dress in the example’s exact colour as purple reflects royalty and mysterious. Aging can be a mysterious thing as we learn from our experiences and carve a pathway suited for one self. I love how this dress as a ribbon sash on the waste line as it gives a much younger feel when wearing this dress.
Gloomy Bear Plushie Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist
 A-Line Mini-Length Strapless Yulia's Prom/Sweet Sixteen/Homecoming Dress 1
Strapless A-line Tulle Dress
Lucky last dress, if you’re looking for something more prom-like as your sixteenth birthday party will be semi-formal then I will definitely go for this dress. I love the use of tulle as it gives creates a lovely tutu-style dress which gives a girly and fun look. I love the shade of ice blue used in the example photo but as my skin is quite dark (as it is summer here) I would prefer a stronger shade of blue instead.
Free - Heart by cerebralsewer
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Thank you by haseprabio
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